The Real Scandal Behind The Lime Crime Brand

As, the dull neutral colors became a thing of the past, more women began to crave bold rich colors that would transcend the normal cosmetic options. Lime Crime is formed with a first of its kind base with an unconventional way of comprising a color scheme. They are based with a super-foil texture that goes on moist and dries to a perfect finish for your eyelids and lips. LC has one of the largest eyeshadow and lipstick collections in the industry. Best of all, their cosmetics are readily available and can easily be shipped to your door.


LC has expanded their color options to a wonderful new line of lipstick hues and a popular hair dye. Their 2.5 million Instagram customers have been raving over their new Scandal line that offers a intricate purple-violet hue lipstick that compliments any mood, hairstyle, or outfit. They offer the same LEAP Bunny approved, hypoallergenic cosmetics that their customers are use too. You can rest assured that you will have the same cosmetics that are still safe for all skin types. You’re encouraged to win over that blind date or take the perfect selfie with completely 100% waterproof cosmetics by Lime Crime.


Their hair dye products are being branded under the Unicorn name and provide ammonia, bleach free contents. You can get the same vibrant colors that will leave you feeling unapologetic your choice. LC provides hair dye for a temporary or permanent hair dye solution for young professionals and trendsetters. Choose from over thirteen colors and a full 700 ml jar that offers one touch up or two retouches. You can also utilize their YouTube channel to discover new ways to mix and match Lime Crime products. The founder and creator of LC, marketing analyst and technology expert, Doe Deere, empowers girls and guys around the world to be who they are without the threat of worrying about their naysayers. She also encourages others to find out what their good at and diligently perfect their craft to be successful because that is the leading drive behind her thriving cosmetics.

What EOS Did to Beat Chapstick

EOS is the second best-selling lip balm in the world, beating both Chapstick and Blistex for the top spot. Evolution of Smooth is a relatively new brand, bu they nonetheless made a fierce impression when they hit the market. Today, the brand sells more than 1 million orbs of lip balm weekly, earning their spot at number two.

Many people wonder how a brand like EOS lip balm could come and sweep Chapstick off the charts, but it isn’t hard to tell that the brand delivered a product that customers wanted. Chapstick led the lip balm charts for so long because there wasn’t any competition. When EOS came along, it was refreshing to get a new product. Customers wanted something different; something that made them feel modern and appealing. EOS brought flavorful lip balms made with natural ingredients to life, and women couldn’t be any happier with that delivery.

Available Favors:

EOS is a fun, lively brand that devotes their time to their products, and delivering what consumers want. You can survive only if you give the people what they want! EOS uses high-quality ingredients in their lip balms, but doesn’t increase the cost. And, since there’s no harsh or harmful ingredient inside, users can get their lip fix any time, without worry. The brand listens to and engages with customers and consumers, and always keeps the fun in beauty that should always be there! Visit the website or to purchase EOS products online.

Fabletics exclusive subscription service wins many customers

Fabletics has grown to be one of the most exclusive subscription services in the market today. In a world full of subscription boxes labeled at every theme and price, Fabletics has received a massive control over what you can receive every month. All you have to do is to purchase whatever style that fits your personality. You have a broad range of options such as active wear, casual clothing, and swimwear.


Fabletics has been created to make shopping easy and first. The first step to becoming a member is to fill in an online style quiz. The answers you provide in the questionnaire should assist the site in generating a personalized product recommended just for you. When you join its exclusive VIP membership service, you earn more points which you can redeem with other items later. The VIP membership option also allows you to get up to 50 percent discount off the products and to get free shipping on orders worth more than $49. You earn points for making more purchases.


The shopping experience at Fabletics is flexible. You can skip a month if you do not want to make a purchase during that period. All you have to go to the payment option and choose “skip the month.” If you forget to skip a particular month, you will still be charged $49.95. However, that amount can be used as a payment model for the next month when ready. New VIP members also get exclusive deals of purchasing their first outfits for only $25.


Once you become a member, Fabletics will send you an email on suggested picks of the month. You can either make a purchase or can choose to skip that month if nothing interests you. One’s credit card is never charged until the 6th day of the month. According to the retail operations officer at Fabletics, the company believes in a true fashion athletic wear in the market. The JustFab subsidiary company believes in its products and services, knowing that they are second to none.



Fabletics has had an overwhelming success in its e-commerce business. The company is always on the lookout for new ways to grow their business and better their customer experience. The company has opened multiple retail stores to serve a broad market. People that prefer to touch and feel a product before making the final purchase should highly benefit from the brick and mortar stores.