Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions, Inc.:Creating Effective Investment Strategies

Wealth Solutions Inc. is a firm which provides comprehensive personalized financial planning for small businesses, affluent individuals and families. Founded in 1994 by investment advisor Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions serves a wide variety of clients throughout the Austin, Texas area, Houston, Marble Falls, Bastrop, Georgetown and New Braunfels. The registered investment advisory firm has created some very effective investment strategies. They are constantly seeking dynamic, conservative investment opportunities for their clients that maximize returns and minimize risk.


At Wealth Solutions they understand the main goals of their clients are protecting their wealth, developing consistent income during retirement and creating a legacy to leave for their heirs. To help their clients reach their goals, Wealth Solutions develops comprehensive financial plans for them. The company develops appropriately diversified investment portfolios for their clients based on their goals and needs. Investment advisors for Wealth Solutions also make their clients aware of traditional and alternative investments opportunities as part of their holistic retirement planning services based on client’s financial objectives and risk tolerance.


The financial professionals at Wealth Solutions, Inc. collaborate with their clients to pursue opportunities to make their financial dreams a reality without taking unnecessary risks. For almost 25 years, Wealth Solutions has been helping a diverse group of people of all ages to make large sums of money to ensure they have an enjoyable future. The company currently has assets in excess of $55 million under management.


Richard Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston. He has a B.S. in Financial Management Services and Finance. In addition to his degrees, he also has a wide range of certifications through a number of well-respected organizations. Blair is a CTS, CIS, RICP, CFS, CES and CAS. His areas of expertise include securities, estate tax and planning, asset protection, integrated financial planning and employee benefits, and more. The investment advisor is also a certified and registered estate and trust specialist, as well as a specialist in annuities and funds in addition to being a retirement income professional.


Blair’s interest in educating people began at an early age. His grandmother, mother and wife are all teachers. He has long felt educating investors and helping them make wise decisions is his most important role ( Richard Blair has almost 25 years experience in the financial services industry. He has helped countless people to increase their fortunes and create solid financial futures through proper financial guidance.


Richard Blair: The Person Austin Residents Trust With Their Financial Future

In Austin, Texas, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions provides professional wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning services. Instead of working with clients over the Internet, Blair prefers working with clients in the Greater Austin community exclusively so that he can meet every one of his clients personally. As opposed to the impersonal service offered by some firms that offer financial advice, Blair strives to build trusting personal relationships with his firm’s clients. With approximately $52 million in assets under his management and more than 25 years of experience in the industry, clients trust Blair with their financial future.

As affluent individuals acquire wealth, they often need help growing and preserving their assets. Wealth Solutions offers investment opportunities that someone may not discover on their own and while Blair provides suggestions, he always encourages his clients to make informed financial decisions.

Blair advises his clients at Wealth Solutions to begin planning for their retirement as early as possible. His holistic approach includes building assets; maximizing the assets and then helping clients decide when to retire and how to minimize taxes. During the retirement income planning, Blair encourages his clients to formalize their plans for their assets after death.

Wealth Solutions’ clients always receive unbiased advise that helps them reach their personal goals for building wealth, wealth preservation and for their retirement since Blair charges clients a percentage of their investments instead of accepting commissions for selling various financial products. As the founder and sole owner of Wealth Solutions, Blair is able to maintain his high standards for providing objective, customized advise. He discusses short and long term goals with his clients to ensure that Wealth Solutions is managing their assets in a way that helps the firm’s clients meet their financial goals.

Blair’s qualifications include being a Certified Annuity Specialist, a Retirement Income Certified Professional, a Certified Income Specialist, a Certified Tax Specialist, a Certified Fund Specialist and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. Blair also completes all of the continuing education requirements to maintain his certifications.

Blair also writes an informative blog where readers can learn more about everything from Medigap insurance to reverse mortgages. Learn more: