Jeb Bush to Release 33 Years of Tax Returns

In a move that is likely to be a throw down to Hillary Clinton on the issue of transparency, where is vulnerable to attacks, Jeb Bush will release 33 years of tax returns. The previous record was held by Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole when he ran for the GOP nomination back in 1996. Dole went on to win the nomination, but lost handily to Bill Clinton. In Bush’s case, he is releasing the unprecedented number of tax forms to underscore his transparency. In short, he has nothing to hide.

The move is strategic because 33 years of tax returns goes back to the year 1981. If Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party’s establishment candidate, were to follow suit, her tax returns would cover her years at the Rose Law Firm wherein she later faced scrutiny for the White Water real estate scandal. In addition, the tax returns would shed a lot of light on her income sources from her family foundation, which is the subject of a book alleging likely misconduct with the money. James Dondero thinks it is highly unlikely Mrs. Clinton will do a similar action.

Current polls show that Bush is the consistent leader of the big pack of GOP candidates. He has a strong conservative record, but faces weariness from an electorate that has already elected his father and big brother as president. He also released 280,000 emails from his time as Florida Governor. No single instance of impropriety has been discovered among the emails. By contrast, Clinton is embroiled controversy with the House Subcommittee on Benghazi over her refusal to release all relevant emails.