Teen with Down Syndrome Voted Prom Queen

McCamey High School in Texas are used to cheering for their team’s quarterback, Adrian Alonzo, however this prom it was his date that was being cheered for by the crowd.

Adrian Alonzo knew he was going to prom and he knew who he wanted to ask. He just wasn’t sure what she would say. Thumbtack said that the fellow classmate Cesyli Prieto was the lucky girl that the star quarterback had his eye on. He wanted to make asking Cesyli as special as possible. With the help of his fellow classmates and teachers, he set out a series of boxes that released a balloon when opened. Once all released, the balloons spelled out “prom”.

Teacher and coach at McCamey High School, Bridgette Mitchell, said that Adrian was very nervous just before Cesyli arrived to open the boxes. He was so nervous in fact that his hands were sweating. He was afraid that she would reject his proposal. Instead, Cesyli who has Down syndrome, said yes to a night of dancing with her date and friends. The couple arrived with Cesyli in her princess tiara but little did she know, her classmates had one more surprise for her. They voted her prom queen where she got to exchange her tiara for a crown.

Principal Jay McWilliams said that he was proud of his students and that they are great, caring children.

To check out the video on Adrian and Cesyli, follow the link NewsWest9.com.