A Walk a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Trains, planes and automobiles make the world go ’round. Getting lost in the fast paced environment we live in today, we often forfeit the health benefits and uncomplicated tranquility of walking. When you mention jogging or swimming, most people recognize the well-being associated with them right away. A simple walk never seems to get enough credit.
A recent study conducted by Canadian researchers found that walkable neighborhoods had residents with lower rates of obesity and diabetes. Studying more than three million people in 8,777 neighborhoods, the researchers ranked each neighborhood for “walkability” on a 100 point scale. The study shows that the commonness of being overweight and obese was more than 10 percent lower in the one-fifth of neighborhoods rated highest for walkability than in the one-fifth rated lowest. The Canadian team of researchers followed the participants of the study for a 12 year period, the detailed investigation demonstrated that being obese and overweight increased by as much as 9.2 percent in the three-fifths of neighborhoods rated lowest, with no change in the two-fifths rated highest. The prevalence of diabetes was also lowest in the more walkable neighborhoods.
While the study isn’t proven and was not a randomized trial, the senior author Dr. Gillian L. Booth said “walking, cycling and public transit rates were much higher in walkable neighborhoods, and that leads to better health outcomes”.

Your text to link… Walking can improve overall health and is terrific for ending a stressful day. Also, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses while you’re out there.