Lana Del Rey Speaks Out Against Illegal Music Downloads

Over the last decade the sale of compact discs has decreased tremendously. Previously, the release of a popular artist’s album could easily render a platinum plaque and smiles from the artist and record label. Though the sales of compact discs have decreased, artists have seen an increase in online sales. Fans can now purchase singles and full albums from their favorite singer or rapper through services such as iTunes or Google Play. Even with the help of online music sales, artists are still not able to reach the album sales that were once reachable during the early 2000s. This is because people have easy access to illegal albums online. With the click of a button, unreleased albums can be accessed, downloaded, and shared.

Fans may have found a good way to save money but they are hurting the artist that they enjoy and adore. Some artists such as Lana Del Rey have made it perfectly clear how she feels about people that download music illegally. Her up and coming album was released without her consent and made available for illegal download a couple days before her album was scheduled to be released. Lana’s new album Lust for Life was set to be released on July 21 but some of her fans received a virtual copy early.

Lana Del Rey did not stay quiet about her album being leaked. She made it clear that if anyone took the initiative to download her music illegally then they would feel her “wrath”. Some may think that her threat and words were a tad bit harsh but how would you feel if people constantly found ways to give away something that you sell to make a living? Maybe it is time for other artists to verbally speak out so that fans can really see how much they are hurting the people that they enjoy listening to.