The Triumph of CEO Troy McQuagge

Updated August 4th, 2017: Troy McQuagge CEO of US Health has won another award for his leadership and skills at the head of this insurance company.  Just last month Troy was the Gold Winner in the Annual 2017 CEO World Awards.  This award highlights his leadership, and ability to make intelligent decisions about where the company is moving forward.

Affordability of health care in the United States is a major problem that has been ongoing for some time but a lasting solution is imminent. This assertion is based on the revolutionary steps that have been initiated by several players in the health sector. Recently, the coveted One Planet Award was awarded to one of the most influential player in the healthcare insurance market CEO Troy McQuagge. This is a warm gesture at a time when the American people are immobilized by the almost unaffordable healthcare plans. The One Planet Award is a global initiative intended to recognize the efforts of businesses and individuals in their endeavors to make the world a better place.



The Award is an annual program that seeks to reward individuals and businesses around the world that have shown commitment to business professionalism and merit. Companies and individuals from all over the world are allowed to submit their nominations. The award captures all spheres including the public and private sector among other societal players regardless of the size of an institution. This award is convened in different classifications as a deliberate move to capture a wider scope. Such classifications include executives, teams, PR, and corporates among other clusters.



This year, CEO Troy McQuagge bagged the Award for his outstanding efforts in the health sector. He is the current president of USHEALTH and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. Since he joined the USHEATLTH Group in 2010, he has propelled the company in notable ways. Before him, USHEALTH’s captive distribution agency was rather inefficient therefore it did not meet the expectations of many. Soon after he took over, he began the process of bringing back the company to the purpose under which it was formed. McQuagge started off with the smart effort of reequipping USHEALTH’S Advisors a move that bore him notable admirations across the cooperate world.



Evidently, McQuagge has an irrefutable passion for his job. It took him only 4 years to rise and become the company’s president in 2014 and this was purely on merit. Under his unmatched leadership, the company has grown in both effectiveness and competitiveness beating other healthcare insurance companies in the market. In his speech at the Award ceremony, he alluded to the company’s commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem. His creative nature has helped the company to develop innovative health insurance covers that have earned him his current success.

How USHEALTH Group Became Most Affordable Insurance Plan

Mr. Troy McQuagge has been named the new Gold Winner of the Year in the prestigious One Planet Awards. The award is a coveted global premier award program organized in honor of unique business and professional excellence. Organizations around the world are eligible to submit their nominations including the private, profit making, non-profit making, start-ups and public organizations.


The leadership at the US Health

McQuagge joined the US Health in 2010. Troy was set to work by turning around the fortunes of the organization when he re-built the captive distribution agency. The success he brought about led him to be elected as the President and the CEO of the US HEALTH Group in 2014.


McQuagge impacts the entire organization

The company has recorded unprecedented growth, success, and competitiveness in the market since his ascension to the helm. Troy states that the award belongs to all those committed to solving the problem of health care affordability and coming up with innovative coverage for the larger majority. Global Award is an international platform where companies, executives, professionals, and businesses are recognized for outstanding excellence. The awards are conferred according to categories, from teams, executives, products and services, marketing, public relations, and corporate communications.


The Person behind US Health

Troy McQuagge is an executive, an entrepreneur, corporate leader, and a businessman from Panama City in Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida, with studies in the Medical Science. Troy is currently the President and the CEO of the US Health and has had 30 years’ experience working in the same or related positions. In the majority of his career, Troy delved in the health insurance sales when he joined the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He worked there for many years before working with UICI Health Market in 1995.


Joining the US Health

McQuagge managed to get a promotion to the USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 as the President and the CEO. His primary focus was the profitability accrued from the sales of the health insurance policies, with the main target being those below the age of 65 years. Since joining the organization, he made great strides in reaching out to more uncovered and uninsured citizens, especially in the state of Florida where they are based. IUS Health has, therefore, made it a priority to sell its health insurance plans through its affordable packages to a wide variety of people.

Reviewing Vincent Parascandola’s Professional Achievements

Vincent Parascandola works for AXA Advisors, LLC, as the senior vice president. He is responsible for management development, sales, recruiting, retention, development of experienced and new financial professionals, and productivity. Additionally, he has been working in the industry for over 25 years. He began his career in 1987 by rendering his services as an agent at Prudential. In the same year, Vincent was recognized as the National Rookie. In 1990, he joined a life insurance company known as MONY. Here, he held various field management positions both at local and regional levels. In 2004, Parascandola started working for AXA Advisors as the president of the Advantage Group, a unit of AXA Equitable. This branch was established to attract, recruit and retain experienced financial experts. Formerly, Parascandola served as a co-manager at a branch of AXA in New York Metro, which has about 400 financial professionals.

Vincent Parascandola has earned several management awards as recognition for his outstanding leadership skills. They include Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development Award. He is also a well-known speaker who has had many opportunities to speak at industry and company conferences, including LIMRA’s distribution conference, and public Lamp Meeting of GAMA. Parascandola is the former president of Florida Chapter, a former chairman of Field Officers Committee of LIMRA, and a member of GAMA. He studied at Pace University in New York where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. He enjoys making videos that disseminate information about investment strategies, the state of finance, and how people can benefit from financial responsibility.

AXA Advisors is a dealer and channel of retail distribution for AXA Equitable, a company that offers life insurance. It is the largest financial protection firm and one of the leading providers of annuity products and life insurance in the United States. AXA Advisor’s network has around 6,000 financial experts who offer clients with innovative strategies and products. In addition, the entity provides advice regarding the allocation of assets, retirement, business, estate, and college planning to help clients plan about their future. AXA Equitable, which is AXA Financial Inc.’s subsidiary, is a branch of the global AXA Group, a leader in wealth management and financial protection strategies worldwide.