YouTube Red and Kids

For parents who enjoy letting their little ones browse videos to both learn and stay entertained during long car rides or busy moments during the day, YouTube has integrated YouTube Kids into its YouTube Red subscription. The two now work together to control exactly what content your kiddos see while your focus strays from what is on the screen in front of them. In the article it is explained that parents will be able to do everything from sort through ads that may be inappropriate to limit the total time they spend online browsing their favorite viral stars’ videos.

This promising advancement will help bridge the gap between technology and old-fashioned interactions due to the ability to cap the hours a child can remain in front of a screen. This can encourage them to budget their time as well as ensure that the content they have access to remains educational or aligns with a parent’s views. For instance controlling ads that children are exposed to can keep them from craving junk food or witnessing movies that you may not feel is right for their age.

The creators have said that the new Red inclusion has already accounted for four to five percent of the company’s total revenue, which is an impressive amount for anyone who has done a little snooping into YouTube’s earnings. This is promising for fans of the Kids version who hope to continue utilizing its features to entertain their children and attempt to keep them growing and quiet at the same time.

Skout- The New Android Sensation

Android apps have become the most widely used apps at the moment with the most popular being WhatsApp. Others that have increased in popularity include Tinder, skout among others. Recent times see the presence of several social networks being available to a traveler. Tourists are always searching ways to connect to other tourists. Tourists seek the thrill of using applications that are easy to use, providing directions to local routes and showing nearby tourists. Android apps can be downloaded from Google play. Google play is the store where people can purchase and download apps mainly under the Google platform. Google play on allows people to browse and download applications developed by Android SDK and published through Google. Through the digital media store, applications like Skout, Tinder and WhatsApp help people connect on a global scale. Tinder is an Android app that displays the presence of nearby tourists allowing meet-ups and interactions of other tourists. Tinder lets you search for tourists in a 2 to 4-mile radius.

Another app from Android causing a sensation is Skout. The app. Skout developed for people and tourists that wanted to expand their social circle according to the company’s website. It is a travel feature that currently holds more than 10 million members. The app assists people develop relationships socially through virtual journeys and can incorporate tours from locals. Scout becomes unique since it includes virtual travelers. Virtual travelers are the young adults and college students who wish for the thrill of modern technology. In case an individual does not have the funds to travel, Skout, is an application that allows a virtual journey or trip with a capability to turn them into real vacations. The relationships that blossom online can lead to real journeys when people meet and agree to travel. Skout serves several functions making sure that people have the most thrilling experience online. Skout enables meeting of new people. Skout creates what is called a ‘me-moo’ moment. Skout creates the preservation of the magic of unexpected meetings hence discovering new people from friendships to romance with a limitless possibility. Scout was also designed to enable people have and do fun things.

Meeting people can be tough and requires time to know each other. An easy way that people can know each other is through an adventure. Skout allows people to interact with each other through similar activities. For example, through an adventure, it creates a forum where people can share similar activities. Be it a local neighbor or an individual from a faraway country, interests in adventure brings people together. More importantly, Skout is accessible and available to most mobile devices. However, Skout as the flirting app has banned oversharing of snaps be it bathing photos or singles flexing their muscles in the mirror. According to Skout’s global PR manager, cliché of naked pictures is not tolerable. As such, Skout can be used by children old enough to have a mobile phone and old people as well. Scout is one of the most used social networks primarily due to its age-friendly angle.

Your Online Reputation Matters

Online Reputation Managers play a much bigger role than the average person might think. In fact, the fact that many people have not heard of such a title means that they are doing their jobs correctly. An Online Reputation Manager’s role is to influence a company’s or an individual’s online reputation and protect them against any possible negative reviews from unhappy customers.

When many people get bad reviews or comments, their first instinct may be to just ignore it, or hope that it goes away. Unfortunately, deleting it can invite more unsavory comments and ignoring it can do the same. Online word travels quickly and one bad review can catch on fast. Many online businesses are small and the owners can become defensive over ill words. This can be even more dangerous because responses are often more emotional than they need to be. The problem has now become two-fold and it is harder to get under control.

All businesses have to deal with anonymous and named reviews and all companies have to deal with these comments in some way or another. Smaller businesses are advised to cultivate responses across a number of review sites that way the impact of a negative review is significantly smaller. The bigger the business the harder it is to manage the online presence. This is where an Online Reputation Manager can come in handy.

Crisis Expert Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs which expertly fixes online presences and offers second chances to those who deserve them. While Darius usually assists high level clients, his advice can help people across the board. He advises to be proactive in business by building a fortress around one’s profile. Take personal information offline and change your password often. Any social media should be made private and cleaned up. The cleaning should include future maintenance where any questionable content should not be posted. Darius specializes in reserving bad media, but the best method is to stop it from happening in the first place.

There is no doubt that bad things are going to happen. A negative review will come through no matter how hard you try to please everyone and no matter the size of the business. With advice or personal assistance from people like Darius Fisher, there is always a fighting chance. Online Reputation Managers are a valuable asset to any business in today’s world. Your reputation is important and one upset person shouldn’t ruin it.