GoBuyside Recruitment

No Joke GoBuyside: Disrupting the New York Financial Recruitment Sector

GoBuyside is a modern executive search company. The company focuses on working with hedge funds, private equity firms, advisory platforms, Fortune 500 organizations including investment managers across a wide spectrum of mandates and geographies. Influencing diligent approach and proprietary technology, the company has a competitive advantage both in viewing top-tier candidates and sourcing. The company […]

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Shervin Pishevar on the US Economy

Shervin Pishevar is a highly rated venture capitalist, a great investor, and a recognized entrepreneur from an Iranian-American background. He has co-founded and chaired the renowned Hyperloop One Company. He is also a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa a capital fund venture which has invested in Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery companies. His comeback tweet […]

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Stream Cares

Imagine that a storm hit your town or city tomorrow that was exponentially worse than what you had imagined. Continue to picture that the storm pelted rain down incredibly quickly and in a short period of time the streets were full of water and these waters were rising. Picture further that these waters continue to […]

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