Fatherless Daughter Pens Open Letter to New Jersey Fathers

In a touching open letter that was recently published by the Huffington Post, a New Jersey Woman described her feelings about being fatherless. She addressed her open letter to the father’s of teenaged daughters and gave advice about rearing girls and ensuring that they feel loved and supported. According to Noreena Lewis, the author of the open letter, a father’s role in a child’s life is extremely important, especially to girls. The author began the letter by describing her experience with her father as less than ideal. Lewis lived in the same household as her father, but described their relationship as emotionally strained. Lewis also revealed that her father had sadly passed away from colon and liver cancer years ago and that she had many regrets about their relationship with one another.

In her advise to the fathers of teenaged daughters, Lewis stated that fathers should work hard to maintain their relationship with their daughters when they begin to look like women. Lewis referred to the fact that many fathers have described a feeling of awkwardness in their feelings toward their daughters when they began to go through puberty. Lewis explained that although young girls are experiencing physical changes, they are still in desperate need of their father’s love and affection. Lewis stated that is a huge mistake for fathers to distance themselves from their daughters when they aren’t little girls anymore. Lewis also suggested that fathers with developing daughter complete research about parenting teenaged girls. She empathized by stating that fathers did not receive a parenting guide when they had their daughters and that they should find no shame in looking up information on successful parenting.

Noreena Lewis ended her open letter to the parents of teenaged girls by sharing personal sentiments. Lewis stated that she did not yet have a daughter, but she looked forward to the experience of watching her future daughter dance with her father on her wedding day. She revealed the feelings of grief that she often experiences when watching the father-daughter dances at the weddings of friends and family members. Lewis stated that while her father died without her having experienced any feelings of redemption in their relationship, she knew that she could help to provide a better experience for her own daughter, and hopefully, for many other daughters around the world.

From the Homeless Shelter to the Field: Three Sisters Refuse to Settle

A person’s current situation is far from their final destination. Hard work and dedication, beyond a shadow of a doubt, brings people opportunities that are often only unattainable dreams for them. Living proof of this concept currently are sisters, Rainn, Tai, and Brooke Sheppard, who reside in a homeless shelter with their mother, Tonia.

For over a year and a half, the four female family has been residing in a homeless shelter, but it does not deter any of them from working on their goals. As Tonia heads off for yet another day of work, her daughters attend school where they are not only striving academically, but athletically as well.

The undying dedication and raw talent of these young girls have allowed them to enjoy many accolades, thus far. In fact, young Rainn is the top qualifier for the 3,000-meter run in her age bracket; the other sisters have their own specialities, too, and have all qualified for the Junior Olympics. Track and field for these young ladies is so much more than a means to keep fit and busy, but is instead an opportunity for them to help their mother as she struggles to create a better life for her and her girls.

The sister team is currently preparing to head to Houston for the profound track and field events being held there. Unfortunately, their mother is unable to attend because, as she put it, “If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. There is no time off.” Tonia’s drive is just as admirable, and there is no denying where her daughters get theirs.