Magnises Introduces Life Changing Experiences for Young Millennials

Magnises is an experimental private platform that was founded two years ago. The main aim of the private club is to help clients from the globe to unlock the cities they live into a better level. Magnises was started by a very young entrepreneur in the United States, known as Billy McFarland. Billy realized that young people in New York City did not have a good network, and that is why he decided to start the private club.

Individuals who join the private platform are entitled to several benefits at very low costs. The experiences are different for the members who are in the New York City on Since it was founded two years ago, it has done its best to offer the young businessmen a unique set of cultural and professional experiences that match the client’s needs. There is a broad range of activities for the members of the platform, ranging from private concerts only for the members, tastings from the notable chefs in the globe and previews of some of the top galleries in the city.

If you are a member of Magnises, you will receive special treatment and access to perks and benefits that are near your town of residence. You will have access to passes to the hottest clubs in New York, members-only pricing especially on important tickets, exclusive passes to shows and concerts and special complimentary upgrades to any travel destination they choose. If you decide to join the private club, you will enjoy the following benefits too:

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Members of Magnises are allowed to access an exclusive app
known as Magnises Now. With this unique application, the members have all the help they need in the palm of their hands. Magnises Now helps the members to get suggestions to unique experiences in different places, dining, nightlife suggestions, and top reservations. The application is also designed to answer all questions from the clients about membership.

Members of Magnises have access to some hotspots that are found in different cities of the world. At the hotspots, members of the private club can meet and host any meeting at lower costs. The members can also use the spots for relaxing after a long day at work, interact with their friends in the club and also catch up on their daily activities.

How to become a member
Becoming a member of the private club is not a difficult task. Once a client makes this decision, they visit the clubs’ website and click the Join button. After clicking this button, the customers will be directed to the customer’s application form. The form should be filled using correct information, and it is later on submitted to the management for approval. The managing team takes a very short time to respond to the customer through an email. If a client is accepted, you will have you will have to pay a fixed registration fee that is renewed every year. The management can also request a review of the application from the customer.

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