FreedomPop Gains New Funding After Black Friday Deals

FreedomPop has brought consumers some deep discounts over the Black Friday shopping period of 2015. The company has only been around since 2012, but they have made some serious achievement since then. They are now a valuable company that has some serious investors, and they pass a steep savings to consumers. Consumers enjoy a free phone and internet service with the basic plan that FreedomPop offers. They can purchase devices in order to connect to FreedomPop’s network, or they can connect with their current devices. The company also had a great savings to offer consumers who were interested in buying a new device. This article will outline some of the funding they have received, the company’s plans and their recent discounts.

Discounts For Black Friday

Consumers that started with FreedomPop over the Black Friday period would have experienced a great initial month of the service because they were giving away a premium service to new customers that signed up with a new device. The service of the free plan is 500 talk time minutes, 500 text messages and 500 MB. However, the deal for new customers during the holiday shopping period was for unlimited talk time, unlimited text messaging and 1 GB of data for internet usage. They were also offering new customers serious discounts on the purchase of a new device. They were selling a Samsung smart phone and a Motorola E smart phone. They were discounted at low prices, for example, the Motorola E normally goes for $230, but they were selling it for $40.

Funding And Structure

The structure of this company is that they buy large amounts of data usage and network usage from large phone companies, and they sell it to consumers at a discounted rate. The discounted rate is free for the basic plan, so consumers stand to save a huge amount of money on their normal phone services. People can also add the free service on top of their normal service. The funding that FreedomPop has recently earned will helped them spread their services further. They will continue to grow internationally and within the United Stated. They received an undisclosed amount of money from Intel Capital, and they received $30 million from Partech Ventures. The company is becoming more valuable, but the CEO has no plans to sell the company yet. They plan to keep growing the phone enterprise.