Babies Don’t Stay In The Nursery Any Longer

If you’ve ever had a baby or you know someone who has had a baby, then you know that there is a nursery in the hospital where the baby is often kept at night or where nurses provide care when the mother needs to rest. There are some hospitals that are electing to get rid of nurseries. It’s a baby friendly initiative that staff members are looking at so that parents can spend as much time as possible with the newborn.

Most mothers want to have their baby close by them while in the room. They can spend those precious first few hours and days with the baby, learning how to breastfeed, change the diaper and simply provide the care that the baby needs while bonding. Hospitals across the country are now making the suggestion that unless there is an emergency or medical care is needed, then the baby should stay in the room with the mother. This maneuver is to encourage mothers to bond with the baby and to learn to breastfeed, which is sometimes a healthier option than giving formula.

There are 355 hospitals in the country that have started this practice, and the initiative is taking off to a good start. There are plans to be over 500 in the United States by the end of next year. Keeping the baby with the mother is the ideal environment as it’s healthier for both the mother and the baby. The mother is able to get into a routine of caring for the baby like she would at home and possibly get the baby on a sleep schedule before leaving the hospital. There are many parents who think highly of this new idea, and there are some who feel that the mother needs privacy to rest, especially at night. Some women do go through several hours of labor with no sleep, and it’s understandable that they want to rest before going home. Mothers should have the option of keeping the baby in the room around the clock or not.

Modern Parents Question Current Parenting Methods

A New Jersey psychologist is questioning some of the more familiar parenting methods presented today in mainstream society. During an interview that was published by the Huffington Post, Dr. Arnie Kozak raised a few questions regarding the effectiveness of modern parenting styles. Kozak explained that modern parenting consists of parents attempting to spend large amounts of time with their children so they won’t appear to be neglectful. Kozak disagrees with this method and believes that children and parents both need time in solitude for the benefit of their mental health. Dr. Kozak presents one study in an effort to prove that quality time with children is not necessary to raise them effectively.

Dr. Kozak provides an anecdote at the beginning of the interview describing his frequent time spent alone as a child. He states that his parents were not neglectful but simply respected his need for solitude as an introverted child, and did not feel the need to be constantly engaged with him. Kozak also sites a study which shows allegedly shows that house mothers from the 1960s spent less time with their children than working mothers today do. The study stated that mothers from the 1960s spent a recorded 36 minutes per day actively teaching and playing with their children as opposed to the 129 minutes a day spent actively teaching and playing with children by modern working mothers.

Dr. Kozak also sites personal experience with parents who are overly involved in their child’s life. He states that sees, on a consistent basis, parents who have no time for themselves because they are so wrapped up in their child’s life. He explains that some parents see the well being of the child as the primary goal of their parenting to the detriment of their own personal lives. Dr. Kozak believes that parents should consider their personal well being when developing a parenting style. He believes that “helicopter parentings” is not effective, especially in younger children and that it is more beneficial to both parents and children when parents allow their children to have time to themselves. Dr. Kozak states that parents should not feel the necessity to have every moment of their child’s day planned and scheduled. A return to practical child rearing standards seems to be in order.

Choosing Safe Strollers in New Jersey

In Central New Jersey, as in the rest of the country, parents are concerned regarding raising their children in a safe and efficient manner. An August 17, 2016 article by Rachel Rabkin Peachman, which appeared in the New York Times Health Section, is titled More Head Injuries Reported for Babies in Stroller Accidents.

The convenience of a stroller in transporting young children is well known to parents. However, it is important that any strollers purchased offer adequate protection for the child being transported.

Ms. Peachman states that “Data collected through the National Electronic Injury Surveillance system, which revealed that an estimated 361,000 children 5 or younger had injuries serious enough to land them in a hospital emergency room between 1990 and 2010″. She also states, “by 2010, 42 percent of children in stroller accidents and 53 percent of babies in carrier accidents who were treated in emergency rooms were found to have suffered a brain injury or concussion, according to the report published Wednesday in the journal Academic Pediatrics“.

This makes it extremely important to take care when purchasing a stroller. According to, items that should be checked when purchasing a stroller include a proper restraint system, brakes, wheels, leg holes and canopy.

Restraint systems, regulated by ASTM safety standards, include a safety belt and crotch strap. It is important that both items be used when transporting a child. Some strollers also have a five point harness that provides extra safety. Always check to make sure these items are securely anchored to insure that the child cannot climb out or fall.

It is important to have brakes that will lock two wheels. There are a number of types of control including bars, foot-operated and hand-operated. Jogging strollers, for example, have brakes on both the rear and front wheels.

Wheels are available in both large and regular sizes depending on intended use. Large ones are commonly used for outdoor use on gravel, sand or other rough areas. Strollers with small double wheels on the front are easier to maneuver.

Reclining strollers, commonly used by newborns, must have leg holes that will not allow the child to slip through. Many manufacturers now provide shields that can temporarily make the holes smaller to prevent this problem.

Good strollers range in price from $179.00 to $216.00. As of September 2015, standards that are more stringent were issued by the Consumer of Product Safety Commission.

There are a number of stores in New Jersey that offer a wide variety of strollers including units for children with special needs and can be easily reviewed on the Internet.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Partying About Motherhood

The MTV reality television series Jersey Shore was all about the tanning, partying and Jersey accented cast while they hung out on the Jersey shore. Some of the more popular of the cast were Snooki, Jwoww, Ronnie and the hyper fit The Situation. It was one of the most popular reality shows during it’s time and it put the Jersey shore on the map for any reality show fans. Snooki was somewhat the most iconic of the cast with her small stature, tall hair bump, tight dresses and fun personality.

In recent news Snooki -whose real name is Nicole Polizzi- came out with a song and music video this summer. Surprisingly it is not a song based on partying or her Jersey Shore drama. Instead Snooki is singing and celebrating her experiences with motherhood on her track and music video Yung Mommy. It is not an overly serious song. It’s a bit of a parody of pop songs and it has some humorous commentary about motherhood. Snooki additionally does shout outs to her two little kids and her husband in the song. Oddly the song could probably be played in a club or at a baby shower if most of the baby shower guests are party mommies who want to dance a bit. Moms in Jersey would probably love playing this for their baby shower or while hanging out with their mom friends. Snooki doesn’t have the best voice, but the song is a mix of rap and singing that is combined with a funky beat that is awesome.

If you want to listen to or see Snooki’s song and music video Yung Mommy, you can hear it on her popular YouTube channel “Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi”. The other former Jersey Shore cast member JWoww makes appearances on Snooki’s YouTube channel too since she is also a ‘Yung Mommy’. Snooki talks about her life, kids and DIY projects that she works on via her YouTube channel.