According to an online web site news source located on this link below, parenting, it seems, it certainly not what it used to be. Financially, emotionally, socially, and spiritually….things have truly changed. In particular, they have changed much for those empty nester parents and their offspring. Allow me to quote a wonderful slice of this online news source(, pg. 1).

“The etiquette of the empty nest can bedevil even the most sophisticated parent. Take, for instance, the actress Alfre Woodard. Ms. Woodard said that when her younger child (her son, Duncan) went to college in 2012, her depression caught her in a bind.”


Now with that said, it does seem that empty nesters do indeed rage against an eternal or eternally-seeming struggle which at times is more difficult to bear. As such, things can be more difficult and more intolerable to bear as a whole….for the sole parent, the individual who has left the nest or is leaving the nest, and/or the family and friends as a whole. Hard times do truly take their hard toll here, as is mentioned well throughout the article piece.


Another thing to note is the very fact that there are many unfelt and unheard, plus unseen tears…which are bourne by the parents involved. They are carried and often not released or talked about with others, which may sometimes carry a bit of a heavier load on the present family involved as well. A sense of control is maximized as the reins of control are tightened a bit towards the other siblings, of which they may see and feel as unfair…..not truly understanding the feelings or emotional connections which parents go through for their children of any and all ages. Once a son or daughter, always a son or daughter…..and nothing can change that: not time or travel or experience or anything else.


A parent’s job—-at least a good, loving parent’s job—–is to always love and support their children….and feel for them if they are ever hurt, in need, or moving out of the nest. This can be a more painful experience than some will ever know or fully come to grasp within their own life time. Yet it is absolutely and one hundred percent there and present.


Babies Don’t Stay In The Nursery Any Longer

If you’ve ever had a baby or you know someone who has had a baby, then you know that there is a nursery in the hospital where the baby is often kept at night or where nurses provide care when the mother needs to rest. There are some hospitals that are electing to get rid of nurseries. It’s a baby friendly initiative that staff members are looking at so that parents can spend as much time as possible with the newborn.

Most mothers want to have their baby close by them while in the room. They can spend those precious first few hours and days with the baby, learning how to breastfeed, change the diaper and simply provide the care that the baby needs while bonding. Hospitals across the country are now making the suggestion that unless there is an emergency or medical care is needed, then the baby should stay in the room with the mother. This maneuver is to encourage mothers to bond with the baby and to learn to breastfeed, which is sometimes a healthier option than giving formula.

There are 355 hospitals in the country that have started this practice, and the initiative is taking off to a good start. There are plans to be over 500 in the United States by the end of next year. Keeping the baby with the mother is the ideal environment as it’s healthier for both the mother and the baby. The mother is able to get into a routine of caring for the baby like she would at home and possibly get the baby on a sleep schedule before leaving the hospital. There are many parents who think highly of this new idea, and there are some who feel that the mother needs privacy to rest, especially at night. Some women do go through several hours of labor with no sleep, and it’s understandable that they want to rest before going home. Mothers should have the option of keeping the baby in the room around the clock or not.

De-Stress With a Little Baby Talk

Kathleen was finding pregnancy very stressful. She was almost 40 and had a demanding career as a writer and director. Food didn’t even taste good anymore. She researched ways of controlling stress, but nothing seemed to help.

Then Kathleen interviewed Dr. Moriah Thomason for a film. Using MRIs to scan developing fetus brains, Dr. Thomason had discovered that human brains are capable of emotional and abstract thinking very early. What’s more, the chemicals connected with the mother’s emotions enter into the baby’s brain through the placenta. So the developing child can feel the emotions of the mother.

Kathleen also discovered practitioners in Seattle who taught a method of reducing stress called Bindungsanalyse, or prenatal bonding. It’s a way for mother and baby to communicate before birth. First the mother relaxes, then thinks of soothing mental images and speaks to the baby in a nurturing way. When done throughout pregnancy, this is believed to lower stress for both the mother and the baby. Even some mothers who are scientists, and were skeptical, have found it helpful.

Bindungsanalyse was developed by Dr. Jeno Raffai in Hungary, and proponents say it makes labor easier and safer. It’s claimed that the method reduced Caesarian sections in Hungary from 30% of births to 6%

For Kathleen, a little baby talk did give her a great deal of peace. She doesn’t know about the long run. But she says you have to do your best for your child.

Model Posts Breastfeeding Photo

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes has made headlines these last few days. The beautiful supermodel posted a picture of herself breast-feeding her newborn baby. The world of Instagram when crazy, and it’s not hard to see why. Doutzen Kroes was recently voted as the hottest model of the year, and fans of hers will do anything that they to can see her with as little clothing as possible. However, I have a feeling that the perverts in the world will not be too excited about her new photo.

Many people are angry that the supermodel would post such a distasteful picture, but there are those out there who support the new mother stated The breast-feeding picture was not the only photo that the supermodel posted. She also posted pictures of her in bed with her husband that they were a bit strange. Doutzen Kroes and her husband were almost nude in the photo. I’m not sure what the supermodel is trying to do, but maybe she is following in the footsteps of the Kardashian girls.

It is a shame that some females will do anything these days to get famous. It seems that class is a thing of the past. For more information on the story, visit Buzzfeed.