New Jersey Lawmakers Give Governor Christie Book Deal Greenlight

Just when you thought that the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, couldn’t frustrate citizens of the state any more, he goes ahead and does something that completely takes things to a new level. The governor is trying to give a bill the fast-track right before the holidays while people are focused on taking off from work and spending time with family and friends. The bill would allow the governor to receive compensation for a book he has written while in office.


The Growing Frustrations in New Jersey

When the governor announced he was pushing a bill through the Senate and Democrat-led New Jersey Assembly, no one could have imagined it would get a 8-0 approval to advance. The law states that the governor can not cash in on a book deal while in office, but that was before this governor decided to change the rules of the game. New Jersey residents are already tired of the games and the lies from this governor, who has not only raised property taxes for residents to some of the highest in the country, but just piled a new gas tax on residents that would make it even more challenging to live in this state. The governor has an agenda and does not appear concerned anymore his approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low.


The Devil in the Details

To understand why so many residents are beyond frustrated, the rules clearly state someone in public office can’t benefit financially from a book deal, and the governor specifically can not draw more than his $175,000 salary. Governor Chris Christie decided to sweeten the pot for his fellow public servants by adding into the bill that judges and other legislative staff will get raises too. These raises are only going to burden the tax load on an already stretched thin taxpayer, and critics to the bill feel this is nothing more that providing another helping hand to political elites.


The bill will basically end the requirement the governor draws only $175,000 in salary, while also raising to $140,000 appropriations for 120 lawmakers to pay staff. The governor is determined by recent actions to do things his way, evident in his continued frustrations with residents who will not approve gambling outside of Atlantic City.


A Central New Jersey Town Faces Critical Moments In Its History

Famous for its past, a small town in Central New Jersey is struggling to define how it wants to present itself in the future.Flemington is located only 60 miles East of Manhattan, and it has a population of only 4,500 residents. Despite the small size, residents are proud of their history as many of the historic buildings on the main avenue have illustrious past. Without a doubt, the most famous among these buildings is the Union Hotel. Unlike most other hotels, the historic building is not famous for its past guests; instead, it is famous for its “Trial of the Century”.

Nearly 86 years earlier, just after the Great Recession, the Trial of the Century took place at this hotel. The Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder case was also dubbed as the greatest story ever told after the Resurrection. The extensive coverage of the case was reported worldwide as Western Union installed 132 telegraph wires. Prominent judges and reporters from across the country stayed inside the 50-room hotel for days. Despite the fact that the government tried to keep public away from the site, everyone wanted to get inside the hotel. Adjoining streets were crowded by members of public and press who did not want to miss even a single second of the unfolding Saga. According to historians, the hotel and the town were nothing less than a big amusement park.

However, the current mayor and his supporters want to demolish the site for modern commercial complex in the area. According to the mayor, the hotel and adjoining historic landmarks remained vacant throughout these years, which made it nearly impossible for the town to make an economic recovery after the recession of 2008. To increase economic momentum, the mayor has plans for new buildings including a school and a hospital that will reshape the fortunes of residents.

On the other end of the spectrum are long-time residents and historians who are trying their best to preserve the building. They claim that historic buildings such as Union Hotel are still strong enough to undergo renovations. Instead of pulling down the great landmark, the city government should work on rehabilitation, which can house commercial shops, hospitals and schools inside the historic landmarks. As of now, the future of historic landmarks is in doubt.

Fatherless Daughter Pens Open Letter to New Jersey Fathers

In a touching open letter that was recently published by the Huffington Post, a New Jersey Woman described her feelings about being fatherless. She addressed her open letter to the father’s of teenaged daughters and gave advice about rearing girls and ensuring that they feel loved and supported. According to Noreena Lewis, the author of the open letter, a father’s role in a child’s life is extremely important, especially to girls. The author began the letter by describing her experience with her father as less than ideal. Lewis lived in the same household as her father, but described their relationship as emotionally strained. Lewis also revealed that her father had sadly passed away from colon and liver cancer years ago and that she had many regrets about their relationship with one another.

In her advise to the fathers of teenaged daughters, Lewis stated that fathers should work hard to maintain their relationship with their daughters when they begin to look like women. Lewis referred to the fact that many fathers have described a feeling of awkwardness in their feelings toward their daughters when they began to go through puberty. Lewis explained that although young girls are experiencing physical changes, they are still in desperate need of their father’s love and affection. Lewis stated that is a huge mistake for fathers to distance themselves from their daughters when they aren’t little girls anymore. Lewis also suggested that fathers with developing daughter complete research about parenting teenaged girls. She empathized by stating that fathers did not receive a parenting guide when they had their daughters and that they should find no shame in looking up information on successful parenting.

Noreena Lewis ended her open letter to the parents of teenaged girls by sharing personal sentiments. Lewis stated that she did not yet have a daughter, but she looked forward to the experience of watching her future daughter dance with her father on her wedding day. She revealed the feelings of grief that she often experiences when watching the father-daughter dances at the weddings of friends and family members. Lewis stated that while her father died without her having experienced any feelings of redemption in their relationship, she knew that she could help to provide a better experience for her own daughter, and hopefully, for many other daughters around the world.

New Jersey Mom’s Parenting Rant Goes Viral

In recent days, one New Jersey mother’s parenting video rant has gone viral. Thousands of parents have praised this mother’s parenting advise as she announced proudly that she does not believe in being friends with her children. In the youtube video, which has received over 200,000 hits, the mother reveals that all of her three children were currently angry with her and she was perfectly happy with that. The mother’s decision to call out a familiar parenting style which calls for parents to be best friends with their children was seen as extremely brazen move and clearly resounded with parents all over the world.

In this review of the video which was published by the Huffington Post, the writer described a few of the reasons that people responded so well to the video blog post. During the video rant, the mother stated that her priority was to be a mother to her children and the mold them into decent adults. She explained that her job does not include ensuring that they are happy 100 percent of the time or giving in to their every desire. The mother explained that a parent’s role is incredibly important in the development of a child. If parents are too focused on being friends with their children, the child can lose the sense of what its like to have a parent.

In the video, the mother explains that she is the authority in her children’s life. She further explains that if she were to attempt to become friends with her children, she would risk blurring the lines for them regarding her authority. She referred to the fact that parents who attempt to be friends with their children often try to reverse roles when its time to discipline the children. At the point where discipline is necessary, the parent who has built a primary relationship of friendship with the child, as opposed to a parent-child relationship, often struggles to establish authority with the child. The mother stated that these blurred relationship lines would not occur within her immediate family because she is able to love her children in a way that still allows her to be an authoritative figure in her lives. She believes that developing a friendship with children without an authoritative relationship diminishes a child’s development.

The Youth of Today Help Save Man on Brink of Disaster

Schools are out for summer in many places and teens are able to roam around at will, putting the fear of God into elderly folk out for a stroll as they zoom by on their skateboards. “I blame the parents!” or “In my day…” are regular lines thrown after them in disdain.

Two Northern English teens, Kian and Ellis, have helped redress the balance by talking a man down from a bridge from which he intended to jump to his death.

Alex Brown, the mother of one of the two boys, is quoted as being extremely proud of the pair, but perhaps she should get credit too.

Taking pride in your children is so much easier when they do something good, but this parent has clearly instilled compassion and a sense of right and wrong into her child for a very long time. That sort of automatic reaction doesn’t get built in overnight. Well done, Alex, your hard work just paid off!

If the two boys had done nothing at all, avoided the situation and just walked on home, then no one would have been any the wiser. Likely though, there would be a dead man in the news instead of a pair of heroes.

Doing the right thing as a parent is often hard. Seldom are parents rewarded with such dramatic results and life changing outcomes.

These two have made international news and can say with pride, “We saved a man’s life”.

Experienced Schoolteacher Doing More for our Children

‘The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.’ ~Author unknown
Sudha Ramaswami is one such teacher, whom most parents would be happy to know is in charge of their kid’s education. The second-grade teacher from Jersey City who has been at it for 16 years recently released a book ‘Help ever, hurt never’, the second in a five-book series. This new title is the second in a series she hopes will impart good morals on her students and children all around the country. In 2015 she released her first book, “Fancy Anansi”, a story based on African folklore.

Speaking to the media, Mrs. Ramaswami states that her intention is to release a five book series exploring and imparting lessons on five human values, ‘telling the truth, doing the right thing, peace, love, and non-violence. The new title ‘Help ever, Hurt Never’ addresses doing the right thing while Fancy Anansi dealt with telling the truth. Ms. Ramaswami describes the overall message of her book as “Do something good for someone else when you can ‘. It is one for children of all ages, not just the 3rd grade- 5th grade age group it is targeted.

The story of Help ever, Hurt Never, follows two friends Manny and Sammy, who are very good friends when Sammy asks Manny for help cheating on a test, a request that poses a dilemma for Manny. You can get this book for your child at major books stores or online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Keep Your Kids Cool & Healthy with These Summer Treats!

Summer is here, and with it comes long days, sunshine, and kids playing in the backyard instead of sitting behind their desks at school. With all of that playing, they can sure work up an appetite. Anyone can grab a handful of goldfish or some fruit snacks, but why not take an extra minute or two to plan some nutritious snacks that will also help your kids keep cool during hot summer days!
Almost all kids like fruit, and even just out of the refrigerator, it can be refreshing. But many fruits taste great and feel like an extra treat if they spend some time in the freezer before serving. Blueberries, watermelon, even grapes are great frozen. Check out these ideas and some other great summer treats, check out this article on Food Network’s homepage.
Since you are keeping fresh fruit at the ready, make sure you also have a good blender on hand for smoothies. Banana and strawberries are always a hit, but you and your kids can dream up tons of combinations so you won’t get bored all summer. Don’t forget to try some of the more uncommon fruits like mango for a new taste! Add a dollop or two of Greek yogurt from some protein and a little bit of honey to satisfy a sweet tooth, and you have the perfect summer snack or even quick breakfast on your way to the pool!

Message in a Bottle-How to Help Your Baby

A baby and his bottle go together like peanut butter and jelly. For parents, there are so many other things that demand attention that it can be easy to stick a nice big bottle in baby’s hands without thinking much about it. New research shows that using bigger bottles can negatively impact the baby. Your text to link…
To conduct the study, parents who exclusively formula fed their infants were asked by pediatricians to bring in the bottles they used. The bottles ranged in size from 2 ounces to as large as 11 ounces or more. After controlling for other influences, researchers found that using a bigger bottle when the baby was 2 months old was associated with a much faster increase in weight gain by the time the babies were 6 months old in comparison to those who used smaller bottles.
It’s crucial for babies to gain weight and is an indicator of a healthy thriving baby, but rapid weight gain as seen in babies with large bottles was a predictor for obesity in later life.
Dr. Eliana M. Perrin, the study’s senior author and a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine said that using a smaller bottle could be a great way to help your baby avoid excess weight gain. She also said that earlier studies found that large bottles contributed to greater formula intake.
Knowing the difference between cries can be key to helping your baby maintain a healthy weight.

Robbinsville Residents Seek New Postal Code

While much of the national media focuses their coverage on the 2016 presidential election, there is a story coming out of Robbinsville, New Jersey that isn’t receiving nearly as much attention. Residents of Robbinsville are soon going to receive a survey from the United States Postal Service that asks if they support officially adopting the zip code ‘08691.’ The township has taken measures to distinguish itself for some time, including casting aside the name ‘Washington Township’ and taking up ‘Robbinsville Township’ for their own in 2008, setting itself apart from another similarly named township in a different county of the Garden State.

According to Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, residents have expressed their support for Robbinsville to have a single zip code for years. Although the measure is largely popular, the process is by no means complete. Eighty percent of Robbinsville residents have to respond to the survey and seventy-five percent have to approve of the change in order for the measure to continue. Additionally, all this must happen by June 10, 2016.

The problem for Robbinsville residents is not using their desired zip code as part of the return address, but the zip code used for incoming mail. The zip code 08691 is currently identified as Trenton by the postal service. Representatives and state senators from both sides of the aisle support the measure. Multiple zip codes add to the confusion for anyone living in the Robbinsville township. Residents are eager to adopt a single zip code for the area and unify the existing zip codes under ‘08691’.

Honoring a Heroic New Jersey Seaman

In May, 2016, the Titanic International Society honored five survivors of a famous shipping disaster buried at a cemetery in Jersey City. Today, historians credit one of them, seaman Robert John Hopkins, with saving 130 people from death during the sinking of the luxury liner Titanic on April 15, 1912.

The Titanic, a state-of-the-art passenger ship, had embarked on its maiden voyage from South Hampton, England to New York when the vessel struck an ice burg. It sank in the bitterly cold waters of the North Atlantic. Of the 2,225 people aboard, only 713 survived the maritime tragedy.

New Jersey seaman Robert John Hopkins had taken charge of Lifeboat 13 lowered from the Titanic following the collision when another fully loaded lifeboat began descending into the water overhead. He joined another seaman in using knives to cut the ropes securing his craft to the side of the Titanic and then rowed the passengers on his boat away from the sinking vessel to safety, avoiding a potentially devastating collision with the descending Lifeboat 15. His quick response enabled the passengers in both lifeboats to survive the catastrophe.

Robert John Hopkins resided in Hoboken, New Jersey following the disaster. He worked as a longshoreman for many years. He died in 1943. Almost 75 years after he passed away, the heroic seaman finally received a headstone marking his grave at Holy Name Cemetery in Jersey City.