Spying On Teens On The Computer

Most teenagers get on the computer or on a phone at some point during the day to go on social media sites or to look at other sites that are online. There are also more parents who are paying close attention to what their teens are doing when they are on the internet. This is something every parent of a teen should do until the child turns 18. The parent is responsible for what the teen does, and if the teen does something to get in trouble online, then the parent should be responsible for not making sure better choices were made. There is such a thing as blocking a website so that teens are not allowed to visit it until they are older or show that they are mature enough to handle the content that is presented. If teens are unable to follow the rules set forth by the parent, then the device should be taken away.

There are many parents who might feel guilty about spying on their children, but if it means making sure the children are safe, then it’s worth spying. Over 60% of parents have admitted to spying on their teens while they are online. They will go to social media sites to look at pictures and read posts or look through the history on the device to see what websites have been visited. Some parents have grounded their children from a cellphone or computer after finding inappropriate content. About 40% of parents know the password to their child’s phone or computer. This is an important safety aspect as parents need to know how to unlock the device to make sure there is nothing hidden.

If more parents take the time to check in on their children while they are online, then a lot of the activity that takes place might not happen. There might not be as many kidnappings or teen pregnancies. Parents might not see an increase in violence among teens or bullying that occurs with some teens if parents would pay attention to what teens do online.

Family Leaves after a New Born

According to a new report, the number of the new mothers that are opting for the maternity leave remain stagnant even though there has been economic growth. This has gone against the expert’s expectations since the ease on the family finances would enable more mothers to take time off from their jobs after they have given birth to a child. Though more than half of the maternity leave that is taken by the American mothers are not paid the figure has is slow to change. On the other hand, the number of leaves taken by men has increased at a high rate during this time, shows the report by the Center for Human Resource of the Ohio State University.



According to the report, there is no fluctuation of the number of the mothers taking leaves whether paid or unpaid. For instance, there has been an average of 273,000 women who took maternity leave between 1994 and 2015. This translate to constant maternity leaves per 10,000 birth remained constant. These figures defy logic because the country experienced 66% growth in the economy in the same period. According to Jay Zagorsky a contributor to the report he said that he expected the number of women taking maternity leaves to increase considering the growth of the economy.



Three states that include New Jersey, Rhode Island as well as California have also passed legislation on maternity leaves. For example, the New Jersey’s family policy that was passed in 2009, enables mothers to take leave for six weeks at reduced pay, that has an annual cap, for the care of the infant or the ailing member of the family. The number of people taking leaves is about 3000 each year, this is according to the report that was released last year.



The state of New Jersey was the second state after California to enact family leave after a new born. According to officials, this was one of the most vital steps toward investing in the future of the young children as well as their families. After passing of the reforms most parents and other stake holders believed that New Jersey needed to make some minimalist law reforms so that to make the law work efficiently for that parent who is in the low-income bracket.


Imposing Vegan Diet on Children Could Mean a Jail Term For Italian Parents

A new draft legislation proposed by Italian parliamentarian Elvira Savino could mean trouble for parents who force their children to stick to a vegetarian diet. The bill proposes that parents responsible for children under the age of 16 years who show signs of malnutrition as a result of a restrictive diet should serve up to four years in Italian jails.

Savino, a member of Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative Froza party said that her decision to introduce the draft was provoked by an increase in high-profile cases of subjective diets that have resulted to long-term illnesses in children in the country. In 2015, doctors in Milan reported a case of a one-year-old boy who was taken to the hospital with a weight of a three-month baby. Further inquiries revealed that the boy was fed on a vegan diet only. In the same year, a mother of a 12-year-old boy was ordered by an Italian court to stop feeding her child on a raw vegetable diet after his father filed a case that the diet was affecting the boy’s normal growth.

According to Savino, many parents without proper scientific or medical knowledge have a strong believe that vegan diet can help prevent health problems. They depend on the diet to an extent of denying their children crucial nutritional elements for healthy growth, which are absent in vegetables.

A vegan diet is devoid of meat, fish and poultry. People who adhere to this diet do not eat meat, eggs, milk or any other product that comes from animals. While the diet is good for many, it can be detrimental to children who need a balanced nutrient supply to grow and enjoy a healthy life. Vegetables contain vitamins as the main nutrients with limited essential nutrients like minerals and high-quality proteins. Depending exclusively on a diet characterized by vegetables could increase the level of toxicity in the body because the diet tends to impair the detoxification pathways of the liver and decrease the amount of digestive juices in the gut. Nutritionists encourage parents to counterbalance between vegetables and other foods for their kids.

If enacted into law, parents found guilty will serve jail sentences starting from one year up to four years. The jail term will be extended to seven years if a child dies because of the strict vegan diet.

Sobering, Ocean County Incident Propels Senator Holzapfel to Propose Cameras on NJ School Buses

In 2008, US News and World Report recognized New Jersey’s Drivers as the worst in the country. NJ.com noted that an upsurge in distracted driving accounted for more than 10 million crashes in New Jersey between 2004 and 20013. Today, in 2017, it’s safe to say New Jersey’s drivers are still not regarded as the most law-abiding, a fact arguably underscored by a new state-sponsored bill, of particular relevance to the state’s school-age children, one which also bears testimony to a sobering incident, in the Ocean County district of Lakewood.


A 9 year old boy, dismounted a school bus, only to be struck by a passing motorist, who then went on to drag the child more than 13 yards down the street.


Public outcry, following the event, some spurred by social media posted by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office, included complaints from area citizens, some of whom specifically detailed witnessed accounts of drivers illegally passing school buses.


It’s to stop this sort of defiant behavior, that state senator, James Holzapfel has sponsored a bill to create a program, wherein school districts can legally install cameras on their school buses, for the specific purpose of catching such illegal behavior. Holzapfel admits the legal retribution for such acts is often nonexistent, declaring; “We need to show drivers who think they can get away with passing a school bus that they are being watched…Sadly, this might be the only way we get them to stop.”


Tapes acquired by such legally installed equipment would become the property of the local police departments, which would in turn be mandated with issuing violations to any motorist caught on camera, passing a school bus. Fines accrued by those caught on tape would be steep, up to 500 and 5 driver’s points.


The bill, which passed by a wide margin, with bipartisan support, in the state senate, has yet to pass the state assembly. And while many applaud the law’s declared intent, there are naysayers, who suggest a monetary incentive, noting that the suggested equipment can only begin to pay for itself with the institution of fees that could be disproportionate for driver mistakes, which technically violate the law, yet fall significantly short of being hazardous.




Kraft Heinz Pays it Forward

The “Smunday” Holiday is nearing. In a recent press release, Nicole Kulwicki, head of the Heinz brand shared a cause that the company will support for this year’s Super Bowl. Yes, they will be promoting the “Smunday” Holiday revolution. This movement was highlighted in an online add that Heinz rolled out yesterday, January 25, in which they promoted a holiday for Monday, February 6, after the Super Bowl.


Instead of buying those expensive Super Bowl ads this year, they will be giving their salaried employees the day off for some rest and relaxation. Super Bowl ad time costs millions for companies that put their brand in front of the largest viewed event of the year. Kraft Heinz made the decision this year to give that back to their employees in the form of time off.


This gesture is actually bigger than just giving their employees a day off. It is a movement that Heinz is promoting. The company started a Change.org petition to make “Smunday”, or the Monday after the Super Bowl, a national holiday. If they get 100,000 people to sign the petition they have promised to send it to Congress. The hope is that this gesture will result in good public relations with their employees as well as consumers.


This movement will actually be a win win situation for the companies and employees. Companies lose billions of dollars due to a decline in productivity and absenteeism on this day. So, why not make it a national holiday so that everyone gets a little perk.


I realize that in a factory it is hard to shut down production, and I understand why this can’t logistically apply to the factory workers. But I think it would be a great gesture for Heinz to come up with a plan to include the factory workers in this “Smunday” holiday. Vouchers for comp time to be used on another day would be a great start, thus avoiding a complete shutdown of production.



Even with the above mentioned possible improvement, I say bravo to Heinz for thinking about their employees rather than their bottom line. It’s good to see companies think about their employees. Maybe we’ll see other big companies follow Heinz’s lead.

Mommy in Labor Called to Breast Feed her Hungry Two-Year-Old Daughter

There is no doubt that a good parent goes above and beyond for a child. This is innate as most parents try to give their children their all, which is something that Kate Neal demonstrated while giving birth to her child. Neal’s eldest was in the room and got a little hungry, and her labor did not stop her from feeding her two-year-old child.


Neal was having a home birth, but her midwife was not happy with the progression of her labor. It seems that Neal’s blood pressure raised some concerns, which is when they decided to go to the hospital. Neal had not seen her little girl for some time due to the labor, so she was very happy to see her.


It may be possible that her little girl, Rowan, was just hungry or she just missed her mother, but the point is that she asked to be fed. Neal was more than happy to oblige and she had not taken any drugs at this time since it was pretty early on in her labor. Everyone, including the midwife, thought it would be perfectly fine to breastfeed little Rowan.


Neal’s little girl did not feed for too long before leaving to play as most kids would. It was not too long after this beautiful moment that her labor began and, in the blink of an eye, Sloane was born.


There is no doubt that this mother will not let anything stop her from giving her all to her children. Sloan may be too young to understand just yet, but she is one lucky little girl. Neal did not feel strange about feeding her new born so soon after feeding her other child. This is definitely a story that is going to be told for years. Neal might not have known this, but it seems that breastfeeding before labor may help speed up the labor process, making birth a little easier.


Kate Middleton Says That Parenting Is Tough

Parenting is a lot of hard work. Even though Kate Middleton receives a lot of help, she can relate to the struggles of parenting. She recently visited the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families. She told the mothers that she thought that parenting was hard.


Kate spoke with mothers who were battling depression, drug addiction and numerous other issues. The center gives the mothers the resources that they need in order to recover from their problems and take care of their children. Kate offered the mothers some words of encouragement. She stated that the mothers had done well despite the tough circumstances that they faced. This is the first event that Kate has attended since she celebrated her 35th birthday.


Kate took some time off from engagements in order to recover from a severe cold. Every time that Kate goes out, people focus on what she is wearing. She wore a bright blue coat that was made by British brand Eponine. This is a clothing line that is inspired by 1950s fashion.


Kate may be a royal with a lot of help, she is still a hands-on mom. She puts her children first. She enjoys grocery shopping, playing with her kids at the park and carries them off of the plane. Kate is just like any other mom. The moms were likely encouraged by Kate’s words because she can relate to the struggles that they face. They are all doing everything that they can to take care of their families.


Incredible Years Parenting Class Helps Kids And Parents

The Incredible Years Parenting Class is geared towards people who have children who are between the ages of two and eight. The goal of the class is to teach parents effective discipline methods and help them build positive relationships with their children. The classes will take place on Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The classes will begin on January 17, 2017 and will be taught at Pagosa Springs Elementary School, which is located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The program will last 14 weeks.


The class will teach parents how to set limits and reward good behavior. It will also teach parents how to establish routines. Additionally, it will teach parents what they should do when their children misbehave.


This class is not just for the parents. Children can benefit from taking this class along with their parents. It helps children develop emotional regulation and social skills. It also prepares children for school. Parents and children will be able to get a free dinner.


One parent area has already gone through the program and has given it his stamp of approval. He stated that he was skeptical at first because he did not want to spend 14 weeks in class. However, he is happy that he went through the class. He was surprised at how effective the methods were. He stated that his son responded positively to the methods that were taught in the class. He also looked forward to going to the meetings with his friends every week.

Ways You Can Keep Your Children Active While They Are Indoors

It can be difficult to stay active in the winter. If you live in a place where it snows a lot, then it can be even harder for you to get exercise. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to stay active during the winter without going outdoors.


Stair climbing is one of the ways that you and your children can stay active during the winter. You can get a great workout by climbing a few flights of stairs every day. You can also have an indoor dance party. All you need is some tunes. You can find great music on YouTube or iTunes.


Indoor bowling is another fun activity that you can do indoors. You can use some plastic jugs or empty water bottles as bowling pins. You can use a plastic ball as a bowling ball. You can use masking tape to create lanes in your home. This is a fun activity that not only helps you get exercise, but it can also help the family bowl.


You and your children can have a lot of fun by playing balloon volleyball. You will need to blow up a few balloons. After that, you will need to use a few pillows and strings to divide the room. In order to score, the balloon must make it to the other side of the room.


Additionally, you can set up your own indoor obstacle course. You can use things like chairs, handheld weights and brooms to set up the obstacle course.


Parenting Trends Of 2017

Trends are always changing, and parenting trends are no exception. More people will have wood-themed nurseries. Gender neutral nurseries are also growing in popularity. Family dinners will also make a comeback. However, because many families do not have a lot of time to prepare meals, more people will be opting to use instant pots. These pots are designed to speed up cooking time by anywhere from two to 10 minutes.


More parents are also getting educated about the dangers of sugar consumption. Many researchers have stated that this current generation may have a shorter lifespan than their parents. This is due to factors such as poor diet and sedentary living.


Cutting out the sugar is one of the things that parents and children can do to make themselves healthier. Sugar is linked to obesity, diabetes as well as many other chronic health conditions. It can be hard to eliminate sugar because it is hidden in many foods, such as deli meat, sauces and dressing. That is why it is important for parents to read the food labels before buying anything.


Many kids today are spending too much time in front of the screen. Schools are also overscheduling children. However, old-fashioned play will likely make a comeback this year. Many experts believe that playing is children’s most important job. It helps children develop problem-solving and self-regulating skills. There are many indoor and outdoor activities that children can enjoy.


Furthermore, names that start with a L will likely be popular this year. This includes names like Liam, Lucas and Luna.