It’s Time for Central New Jersey Parents to Disconnect From Technology

It seems that adults are always complaining that young people are way to involved in their mobile devices, but it is time for us to take a look in the mirror. With a recent survey conducted with parents throughout Central New Jersey uncovering that up to seven non-work hours a day are spent in front of a computer screen, many are crying out that enough is enough. It seems that the days of families spending quality time with once another are slowly passing us by.

It is no secret that children need their parents. Not only are adults to be a proper role model, they are to help young people develop into the type of productive members of society that we desperately need. It is little wonder that children and teenagers today are spending so much time in front of their own tablets and smart phones. If that is the only activity that they see their parents doing on a regular basis, then that is what they will do as well. Parenting is a full time job. Many in Central New Jersey are concerned that we have lost site of this reality.

Alternatives do Exist

There are some habits that you can begin to enforce that will help in this area. Begin enforcing no technology zones or times within your daily schedule. This can include daily meals together, game nights, and any other structured activity where the entire family is gathered around. Simply insist that phones and tablets are not welcome, and that goes for adults as well. If you think that you need your mobile device in the event of an emergency, just remember that there was a day not long very ago when such technology was not invented yet. People got by just fine, and so will you.

When parents begin to show their kids that time is valuable, families are strengthened. It is this type of bond that people in Central New Jersey are hoping to return to once again. Begin by doing your part today and setting a positive example.

New Jersey Parents In Need of Single Parenting Advice

A drastic increase in the amount of single-parent families in New Jersey has created a new demand for single-parent resources and literature. The New York times recently reported that the number of single parent homes has doubled in the last decade and that New Jersey now holds a single parent population that is expected to surpass the number two-parent house holds within the next twenty years. With this change in the way that families operating, the New Jersey Parent Alliance released an informative packet that serves to help single parent families to balance family time with work obligations.

Time Management
Time management skills are necessary in every family, but is obligatory for single parent households. The balancing of time between work, family time, extra curricular activities, and other pastimes that the family engages in can be extraordinarily difficult for single parents. The New Jersey Parenting Association recommends that single parents work to eliminate all activities that are not essential. Multiple children, for instance, do not need to become involved in several extra curricular activities. For the single parent, it is important to set realistic expectations for every planned activity.

Dealing With Financial Constraints
Financial constraints are one of the most severe issues plaguing single parent households. Single parents must learn to make one income work for an entire family. Budgeting classes that teach individuals how to create budgets and create financial constraints to help reduce the burden on these families. Financial assistance programs may also be available to single parents who fall below average income levels for New Jersey.

Avoiding Poverty
Single parent families represent an estimated 80 percent of the impoverished community in New Jersey and in the rest of the nation. Fatherlessness causes poverty in almost every family environment. To combat the possibility of poverty, single parent families should seek to obtain educational credentials that enhance their desirability in the job market. Higher education has never been more attainable than it currently is and single parents benefit greatly from higher degrees.

Real Estate in New Jersey

There are a lot of places around the country where the real estate market is appreciating rapidly. New Jersey is leading the pack in this area. Over the years, the number of people who have moved to New Jersey has increased dramatically. This is an area that a lot of people are excited about. Now is the time to try and figure out a plan for the future for people who are investing in real estate in the area.





Many people who invest in real estate have to finance the property they are buying. Financing is getting easier than in previous years, and some people are concerned that this could cause a bubble to form in the market. However, many seasoned investors believe that the market still has many years to continue to grow before that happens. This is always something that investors need to consider before buying a property that is leveraged.



Real Estate Investing


One of the most important things that anyone can do for their finances is to invest for the future. Investing in real estate has a lot of advantages to other forms of investing. Not only can you earn monthly cash flow by renting out properties, but you can also grow your net worth by experiencing equity appreciation over time. New Jersey investors have experienced a lot of equity growth through real estate price appreciation. Investors are making money, and they are out looking for new properties to buy. This is only going to continue to drive up prices in many areas.



Future Changes


Many real estate experts believe that New Jersey is going to continue to see an increase in real estate prices in the future. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy, more people than ever are looking to buy their first home. This is causing a huge shortage in the supply of homes, and this shortage is only going to continue to increase prices in the future.


Kids Are At Risk Online So Parenting Tools Must Include Internet Security Skills

Parents in Central New Jersey, as well as parents all over the country, are discovering that the most dangerous threat to children’s security is the Internet. Children live in an online world parents don’t understand. Every day kids could experience online threats, and most parents don’t realize it. Parents are quick to act, when it comes to fastening seat belts, making sure children wear a bicycle helmet. But when it comes to minimizing children’s exposure to social media sites and other online sites, parents drop the ball, big time.



The Internet is a wonderful tool for research projects, school reports, and communicating with teachers and other kids, but the freedom to access the Internet poses a safety hazard. An online search for a basic word like Legos may be mistyped, and a website about legs pops up instead. That site might contain other parts of the body that are x-rated. Parents must talk to their kids about Internet use. And parents should be aware of what the kids see and hear when they are online. That means extra work for some parents, but most parents accept the responsibility.



There is a federal law called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and that law stops anyone from getting a child’s information without a parent’s approval. The COPPA law helps protect kids under the age of 13. But even though the law helps, the best way to protect children is to be a parent and lovingly monitor online use.



Being a 21st-century parent is a huge responsibility. Children today experience a plethora of situations, that could jeopardize their safety. Even though kids are more aware, and they try to do the right thing, children will be children. They are naturally inquisitive, and they are unaware of the sophisticated tricks that are part of the Internet world.



Parents must protect kids from themselves. Being a parent is a job. A full-time job. Some parents like to use the helicopter approach to parenting, but that doesn’t usually end well for the kids or the parents. The best way to keep children safe is to allocate a time to use the Internet. A time when a parent is available to help them understand what is good Internet interaction, and dangerous Internet interaction.

Parenting in Central New Jersey–Baby Sleeping Boxes

Parenting is the ultimate eventual long-term investment any parent can have in this world. While parenting may sound fun and exciting before an individual gives life to a baby, many challenges have been associated with raising infants. Given the current economic hardships across the world, parenting has taken a new toll with more advanced techniques being implemented to make it easier for the parents. According to scientific reports, most kids experience sleep-related incidences that lead to death. Also abbreviated as SIDS, sleep-related infant deaths have led to massive loss of baby lives. That is why the parents of Central New Jersey were excited to receive baby boxes.



Baby Box



It is approximated that the United States of America registers a higher infant rate of mortality. Reports specifically indicate that there are 6.5 instances of infant deaths in every 1000 births. This statistic ranks the United States of America the 23rd across the world. According to the same reports, 93% of infant deaths in 2016 were caused by SIDS. Towards these statistics, the baby box program was initiated to reduce the high infant mortality rates. Baby Box Company was elated to announce its partnership with Child’s Fatality as well as Fatality Review Board.






The partnership was geared towards the distribution of durable cardboard boxes together will essential basic items for the babies. The sizes of the boxes were large enough to serve as a bed for every infant. This box would be useful in the first few months of the baby’s life. It is projected that New Jersey will be the leading state in America to provide the universal baby box initiative for the parents. The baby boxes are fitted with mattresses for comfort. With the Centre for Disease Control being the initiator of the baby box project, it is approximated that over 105,000 families will have the boxes for the safety of newborn. The initiative of the project originated from Finland over eighty years ago. Currently, the infant’s mortality rates in Finland are the lowest across the world with 1.3 deaths being registered in 1000 births.


Strict Parenting Can Lead To Poor School Performance

A new study has shown that strict parenting can have a negative impact on school performance. The study was performed by a team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. It involved over 1,482 subjects. It can also affect a child’s interactions with peers.


Harsh parenting, such as yelling, hitting or threatening, hurt more than they help. The researchers found that the students whose parents were strict stated their peers were more important than their school work. They spent more time hanging out with friends than studying and doing their homework. They were also more likely to engage in delinquent behavior and early sexual behavior.


Rochelle Henteges was one of the authors of the study. She stated that people who are subjected to harsh parenting often do not have good relationships with their parents. That is why they make seek validation from their peers. They may also engage in unhealthy behavior. Additionally, they may break their own parent’s rules and hang out with their friends instead of going homework and studying. This can have a negative impact on one’s performance in the classroom.


People who perform poorly in the classroom are more likely to drop out of high school or college. This can lead to a poorer quality of life. Holger Ziegler is a professor at Bielefield University, which is located in Germany. He stated that he is not surprised by the findings. Verbal abuse and corporal punishment do not benefit a young person’s development.


Holger did a study in 2013 that showed that 25 percent of students in Germany were regularly hit by their parents. A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh stated that graduation rates could be boosted if there were programs that helped students be more engaged in the classroom.


Ming Te-Wang is an associate professor of education. She stated that students who have low academic achievement and are subjected to harsh corporal punishment may be targeted for an intervention.


New Jersey Parents Respond to New York Time Article

In the wake of parental reactions to a recent New York Times article discussing the role that fathers have in the lives of their children, authors discussed the implications of the Women’s march for equality upon the day to day lives of fathers and children. The article was met with a large amount of ridicule by the New Jersey parenting community and the participants of the New Jersey women’s day march took to social media to air their grievances. In a response article published by the Huffington Post, Emily McCombs discusses the major problem that parents had with the Times’ publication of the article about the effect of the march on the lives of men, stating that most parents found the article ridiculous. The New York Times even issued an apology to parents who were offended by the content of the article with a simple tweet stating, “We blew it.”


The implication of the response to the New York Times article are loaded. While many supporters of the recent marches for women’s equality in the United States often purport the ideology that women in the United States are not viewed as valuable by their male counterparts and that this treatment must be demanded from the culture at large. The supporters of this school of thought were, in large part, the same individuals who expressed outrage that the New York Times would publish an article describing the effects of the march and the temporary absence of women on the lives of men and children. According to an editor from the Times, the article in question was written in support of the women’s day march.


The article was an effort to show the world the value of women by describing the severe difficulty that men and children experienced because of a temporary absence of women brought on by the function. Although this conclusion is virtually flawed in an of itself due to the fact that American women are often away from their families in modern times without any major conflict with their significant others, the New York Times obviously attempted to support the march by exaggerating the significance of the absence of several hundred women in one day. Instead of taking this exaggerated narrative and supporting it, as is their typical response, supporters of the women’s equality march heavily criticized the Times article, proving once again that the creation of “news” based on the concepts constituents support instead of developing objective reports of actual news, always has unwanted consequences.


New Jersey Parents Get Access to the Baby Box

New mothers can be a little frantic about what they need to do for their children. The Finnish Baby Box is just the thing that new mothers need, and New Jersey is making sure that all new mother get access to this baby box.


In New Jersey there are new parents that are getting these baby boxes after giving birth, and this is one of the first states that decided to do this. Other states have come on board to do this as well, but New Jersey was a trendsetter in starting this for new mothers. All that the new mother has to do is take a short educational quiz and they are granted a baby box. Once they get this they have the basics that are needed for taking care of a new child. They also get some supplemental education and membership into an online platform that allows them to get even more information about taking care of their babies.


The great thing about a baby box is that it leads mothers to the Finnish baby box website. This is where many mothers get the chance to look at the different type of baby clothes and bed clothes that are available. They also get housing products and other baby essentials inside of the baby box that they receive. This is a box that is considered safe for sleeping because it has already been tested and approved in Finland for as many as 75 years.


This is a great package for mothers to go home with. Even if they are not putting their baby in there to sleep, this is a box that still can be used for storing clothes for infants.

The great thing about these boxes is that it saves people a lot of time. Anyone that may be looking for the perfect gift does not have to spend countless amounts of times in search of these gifts. They can simply acquire a baby box and this will be the best possible gift that any new mother can have. In New Jersey these boxes are already given away to new mothers, but there are still lots of states that have not adopted this concept just yet. It’s a great gift for mothers.



The Baby Box for New Jersey Mothers

New Jersey just became a trendsetter. This is the first state to give new parents baby boxes, and it is a really big deal.


One reason that this has become a big deal is because this is a box that is big enough to serve as a bed for new infants. This is something that could prevent a lot of infant deaths. This is a great thing for parents, but it is also a wonderful thing for the company called Baby Box. This is a company that many people have never heard of before.


The Baby Box Company is able to get a ton of free exposure. Everyone that has a baby in the state of New Jersey will find out about this company. The word will spread through social media. This way friends will have the pleasure of getting to know more about Baby Box through what this company is doing for new parents.


The great thing about this company is that it is providing new parents with a wonderful way to educate parents on newborn care. There are pampers and educational materials inside of the baby box. So many parents may feel a certain sense of panic about how they are going to take care of a newborn child. The educational material that is provided in these baby boxes can provide a sense of comfort to those that are wondering how they will take care of their new child.


Alabama is the 3rd state that has implemented this Baby Box concept, but New Jersey has managed to become the first. The best thing about the Baby Box Company is that the box that is offered is sturdy. It has been tested and it can hold up to 52 pounds. With the baby box people get access to the Baby Box University, and this gives parents access to online education about infants. A new mother can get information about brain development activities and safe sleep material online.


There are other states that are now giving people access to the Baby Box through outreach programs. This is a great concept that is slowly sweeping the nation, and new mothers in New Jersey are very excited about this. The Baby Box gives mothers those basic essentials.



Parenting and the Rise of Social Media

Lets face it, parenting can be hectic, difficult and downright confusing at times. There are so many obstacles that parents and kids face in our world today. Between the rise of busy schedules, the impact of social media, and peer pressure, it is easy to feel like you and your kids are on overload. A growing factor that we are facing today is technology. Don’t get me wrong technology is great and quite frankly amazing at times. However, when overused or used in the wrong way, technology can be a scary thing! I think it’s safe to say that most households own either a computer, tablet, television, cell phone or maybe even all of the above.


Children have easy access to the internet and social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram all play a role in most kids lives. So it’s not shocking that with social media our kids are connected easily to their peers,celebrity stories,and possibly even strangers. While this might not be shocking would you believe that kids and young teens could be targeted by marketing executives? In a recent article on, the author shares with us that Facebook allegedly used algorithms to find out when kids are feeling sad or insecure and then they would target those kids with certain ads. Although a spokesperson for Facebook says the algorithms were used for an entirely different study, you have to stop and think about the potential influences that these social media outlets may have on our kids.


If you think about it your kids could be influenced to buy certain clothes, eat at specific restaurants, go to certain colleges and maybe even be steered toward a particular belief system. While parenting can be stressful and challenging, It is also the most important role of your life. That’s why it is so important to monitor who your kids are hanging out with, and in particular what they are doing on social media. Whether it be television, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram social media is on the rise. Remember, with parenting comes the great responsibility of protecting our kids. Let’s monitor what they are doing and sharing on the internet!