The Baby Box for New Jersey Mothers

New Jersey just became a trendsetter. This is the first state to give new parents baby boxes, and it is a really big deal.


One reason that this has become a big deal is because this is a box that is big enough to serve as a bed for new infants. This is something that could prevent a lot of infant deaths. This is a great thing for parents, but it is also a wonderful thing for the company called Baby Box. This is a company that many people have never heard of before.


The Baby Box Company is able to get a ton of free exposure. Everyone that has a baby in the state of New Jersey will find out about this company. The word will spread through social media. This way friends will have the pleasure of getting to know more about Baby Box through what this company is doing for new parents.


The great thing about this company is that it is providing new parents with a wonderful way to educate parents on newborn care. There are pampers and educational materials inside of the baby box. So many parents may feel a certain sense of panic about how they are going to take care of a newborn child. The educational material that is provided in these baby boxes can provide a sense of comfort to those that are wondering how they will take care of their new child.


Alabama is the 3rd state that has implemented this Baby Box concept, but New Jersey has managed to become the first. The best thing about the Baby Box Company is that the box that is offered is sturdy. It has been tested and it can hold up to 52 pounds. With the baby box people get access to the Baby Box University, and this gives parents access to online education about infants. A new mother can get information about brain development activities and safe sleep material online.


There are other states that are now giving people access to the Baby Box through outreach programs. This is a great concept that is slowly sweeping the nation, and new mothers in New Jersey are very excited about this. The Baby Box gives mothers those basic essentials.



Parenting and the Rise of Social Media

Lets face it, parenting can be hectic, difficult and downright confusing at times. There are so many obstacles that parents and kids face in our world today. Between the rise of busy schedules, the impact of social media, and peer pressure, it is easy to feel like you and your kids are on overload. A growing factor that we are facing today is technology. Don’t get me wrong technology is great and quite frankly amazing at times. However, when overused or used in the wrong way, technology can be a scary thing! I think it’s safe to say that most households own either a computer, tablet, television, cell phone or maybe even all of the above.


Children have easy access to the internet and social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram all play a role in most kids lives. So it’s not shocking that with social media our kids are connected easily to their peers,celebrity stories,and possibly even strangers. While this might not be shocking would you believe that kids and young teens could be targeted by marketing executives? In a recent article on, the author shares with us that Facebook allegedly used algorithms to find out when kids are feeling sad or insecure and then they would target those kids with certain ads. Although a spokesperson for Facebook says the algorithms were used for an entirely different study, you have to stop and think about the potential influences that these social media outlets may have on our kids.


If you think about it your kids could be influenced to buy certain clothes, eat at specific restaurants, go to certain colleges and maybe even be steered toward a particular belief system. While parenting can be stressful and challenging, It is also the most important role of your life. That’s why it is so important to monitor who your kids are hanging out with, and in particular what they are doing on social media. Whether it be television, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram social media is on the rise. Remember, with parenting comes the great responsibility of protecting our kids. Let’s monitor what they are doing and sharing on the internet!





Resting Easy: A Memorable Adventure for the Whole Family

Based in New York, the journalist and travel writer Freda Moon reminds us that there is an excellent reason to reconsider the big picture in planning for a get-away with little ones in tow – as well as middle-schooners and adolescents – to assure that the experience will be memorable (in a good way) and will introduce them to the great adventure of traveling, even at a tender age, that they may look forward to making a part of their lives as adults; and at the least they will have a positive experience together as a family.


One of the first hints that Moon provides in her 28 April article “5 Tips for Finding Child Care for Your Next Vacation,” appeared on the Travel pages pf NY Times on 26 June is giving some thought t0 arranging for assistance with child care at some point, and asking what might an appropriate budget item for this could be a prime consideration. so identifying a beach resort that includes on-site care in the price of the stay can allow parents to rest assured that you will be nearby and easily reachable. For other vacations – whether in the city or the countryside – there are services that offer well-vetted babysitters for the short-term, such as or


Freda Moon notes in particular:


“For infants and toddlers, babysitters are often available for one-on-one care for an additional fee. … A handful of resorts, including Franklyn D. Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, and the three Caribbean locations of Sandals’ Beaches resorts, offer private “vacation nannies” — babysitters assigned to each family — at no additional cost.”


All-Inclusive rates per night may well be very comprehensive and include “transportation to and from the airport, three restaurant meals a day for two adults and a child, entertainment, top-shelf liquor, sports equipment and — the ultimate perk — full-time individual child care.”


Bringing your own babysitter – either grandparents or other family member or a family friend wh0 is known to the family and trusted – can greatly enhance the experience for each member of the family to relax and enjoy themselves.


Should Conservative New Jersey Parents Consider Homeschooling

After the development of new California state laws which would force public school students to be indoctrinated with controversial topics as early as the 2nd grade, New Jersey conservatives have been discussing the option of a mass exodus from the public school system into the homeschooling movement. The homeschooling movement has been increasing in popularity since the 1960s when the federal government in the United States began to make its presence heavily known in public schools across the nation. When United States citizens realized that the federal government would always seek to expand its scope of influence, thousands of parents began to partner together to regain their rights to the education of their own children.


New Jersey conservatives have become a minority in the fairly liberal state and are seeking to join the homeschool movement. A representative from the conservative party in New Jersey participated in an interview regarding the increasing popularity of home education in the state and its influence on the New Jersey public school system. This representatives discussed the fact that the liberal government has consistently pressed its secularist, humanist agenda upon all pupils of the public school system as if these worldview were considered to be fact by the American people. New Jersey conservatives would like the state’s government to know that they do not speak on behalf of every family in the state and that the responsibility to educate children rests on those children’s parents, not the state government.


The New Jersey government has been in complete opposition to the growing home education movement in the liberal state for years. The placement of President Donald Trump’s new cabinet, including the nomination of conservative activist Betsy Devos as the United States Secretary of Education, has become a great encouragement to conservatives in New Jersey. Because Betsy Devos is a great proponent of rights of parents to educate their own children in the ways they see fit, New Jersey conservatives have been increasingly choosing home education as a practical alternative to the steady indoctrination of children into a social program which is increasingly hostile to morality and common sense.


Baby Boxes are Coming to Central Jersey

New Jersey is the first state to test out a new program aimed at lowering the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It consists of a free box designed to be a crib for a newborn, and it is given to new parents as a way to educate them on SIDS and how to prevent it.


More than just a box, it is filled with clothes, diapers, baby wipes, breast pads, a firm mattress, a fitted sheet, bathing products, and more baby essentials.


In order to receive the box, however, the parents must pass a quiz following a 10 to 15 minute online educational video created by medical professionals. The topics include safe sleep, newborn care, and breastfeeding. They can then obtain the box at a designated location or have it sent to the home.


In 2017, New Jersey plans to hand out 105,000 baby boxes, a figure based on the number of expected births.


The idea originated in Finland, which now has an extremely low infant mortality rate. In the 1930’s, the country was poor, with a very high infant death rate of 65 per 1000 births. A similar baby box program was started, in part because many of the poor didn’t have cribs or bassinets. Eventually, all parents were eligible for the box. Now, the death rate is 2.52 deaths per 1000. The United States’ rate is 6.5 deaths per 1000, or 23rd in the world.


In New Jersey, the project is being coordinated by The Baby Box Company of California and the state Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board(CFNFRB), and is funded by a $40,000 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is available to all, but the recipient must apply online for it. Sign up at Baby Box University.


Factors that lower a baby’s risk of SIDS include the well-known recommendation that they be placed on their backs at naptime and bedtime. Other safety measures include leaving pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, bumpers or any other items except the mattress and sheet outside the crib or box. Also forbidden is smoking or substance use inside the house during pregnancy and after birth. Breastfeeding exclusively for six months or as much as possible is encouraged.


New Jersey Offers Free Baby Boxes

The newly developed Baby Box Company in New Jersey recently made headlines due to their launch of a new program where decorated cardboard boxes are delivered to the homes of families with newborn babies. The education themed company uses the boxes to educate the families of newborns on the risks associated with new born sleeping habits. The Baby Box Company has distributed at least 3000 baby boxes to households in the New Jersey area and have plans to distribute thousands more before the end of the summer. A spokesperson from the company stated that she believes the baby box campaign will promote healthy and safe sleeping habits to families of infants.


New Jersey has long been heralded as the state with the least occurrences of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the United States. The Baby Box Company’s spokesperson, however, does not believe this statistic is indicative of a thorough change in the state. The spokesperson stated that the New Jersey health care system has made massive strides to prevent SIDS, but there is a massive amount of work which still needs to be done. Low income areas of New Jersey are particularly susceptible to SIDS and it is this community that the Baby Box Company hopes to reach most.


Because low income areas often remain unreached by attempts by the healthcare community to educate new mothers, the Baby Box Company has made an effort to target these areas with baby boxes first. The company is adamant that new mothers are made aware that an infant’s placement in common sleep areas with adults or older siblings is the most common cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The company’s representative stated that the Baby Box Company includes relevant and informative information pamphlets in the decorated cardboard baby boxes. These pamphlets include information about the care of the boxes that discuss issues about decoration and comfort items. The Baby Box company recommends that the box be kept bare to eliminate the risk of infant mortality due to excessive objects being present in the infant’s sleeping environment. Company representatives stated that the feedback from the program has been overwhelmingly positive.


New Jersey Birth Haven Hosts Annual Fundraiser

The Birth Haven of Newton, New Jersey will be hosting its annual fundraising event in the latter portion of April. The Birth Haven has had a long history of providing housing, money, and a vast array of resources to pregnant women facing homelessness. The center is a relaxing facility designed to house nine women at any one time, but the center provides resources for thousands of women per year. A representative from the Birth Haven gave a brief oral history of the center’s work and efforts in the Newton community in this interview. The representative also gave a rundown of what community residents can expect should they choose to participate in the Birth Haven’s annual fundraiser. The event is expected to draw more than 500 people and typically raises over 10,000 dollars.


The Birth Haven seeks to educate citizens who attend the annual fundraising gala on the support of homeless and low-income expecting mothers. Because of the large turnout typically associated with the fundraising event, the Birth Haven is able to inform the masses about these women and their plans to rebuild their lives. The Birth Haven uses funds from the annual fundraiser to house pregnant, homeless women, but also helps the women to develop the skills necessary to function as ordinary and productive citizens. The center helps women to use skills they already possess to find a job if they are not already employed upon acceptance to the center’s program. The center then takes 60 percent of the residents’ income in an effort to help them to establish enough of a savings account to pay housing needs for months after reintroduction to society. This money can also be used to pay for childcare needs and other expenses that residents will incur when living on their own for the first time in months.


The Birth Haven has received a large amount of publicity in the weeks leading up to the annual fundraiser. This event is expected to fully fund the center’s activities for the next year and bring awareness to the difficulty that many women face when they become pregnant unexpectedly.


New Jersey Writer Discusses Changes in Parenting Styles

John Rosemond, a popular columnist for the New Jersey Advocate, recently published a parenting piece about the way that parenting styles have changed from marriage-oriented styles to child-oriented styles since the late 1960s. Rosemond has received a great deal of positive and negative feedback since the publication of this article and decided to publish a continuation of the article to address questions that he frequently received regarding the development of marriage or parent centered parenting styles. In his most recent article on the subject, Rosemond assert that the development of parenting styles which center around children, their feelings, and their personal outlooks on discipline and behavior problems have ultimately led to an onslaught of emotional and moral decay that millennials have experienced since the popularization of this parenting styles. In order to redeem the culture, a shift in the collective parental mindset is required.


Rosemond begins his article by discussing the movement from traditional marriage-based child rearing to psychology-based theory which focused more on the appeasement of childhood desires and turned normative discipline involved in child rearing into a negative aspect. Rosemond completely refuted this method of child rearing, stating that children are better adapted to adult hood, find more security and stability in day to day life, and are generally more emotionally stable when they are raised by parents who focus more attention on their spouse’s desires than the desires of their children.


Although Rosemond has his critics, study after study supports the journalist in his findings. Studies show that children who grow up in households where they are certain of their parents commitment to marriage feel more secure and emotionally stable than children who grow up in households where their parents are committed to the children but lack significant commitment to their spouses. Children who are raised in households where psychologically themed child rearing is performed often report feeling inadequate and suffering from emotional challenges in early adulthood. These children also struggle with serious relationships because they were raised with an adult who centered the child’s first primary relationship on the child. Because of this, the children often assume that romantic relationships should also center around them.


Husband Defends Wife’s Parenting Choices

David Brinkley lives in Yukon, Oklahoma. He posted a photo of his wife co-sleeping with his children. The photo received a lot of praise, but it also received a lot of criticism. Many people stated that David’s wife, Alora, should not be sleeping with the children. However, David decided to defend his wife’s parenting choices.


One person commented saying that her husband must hate the fact that his wife co-sleeps with the children. However, David stated that he does not hate anything about the way that his wife parents. He also stated that he will never degrade or disregard his wife. David went on to say that he does not mind squeezing into bed with his children and wife. He went on to say that certain parts of motherhood are short. You have to cherish each moment that you have with your kids.


David stated that he will never rob his wife of the time that she spends with their kids. He also advises men to respect their wives as mothers. The American Academy of Pediatrics have advised against co-sleeping because of the risk of turning over and smothering the child. However, if there are not a lot of pillows or blankets on the bed, and the mattress is firm, then this risk is minimized.


A woman was recently charged with second-degree murder after she fell asleep on top of her baby. However, this woman was intoxicated while she did this. David’s post quickly went viral after he posted it. It was liked over 500,00 times and shared over 300,000 times. One person commented saying that co-sleeping is the best. Another person thanked David for showing them that that a true partnership can exist. Furthermore, many people stated that David is a great husband and father, and more men should follow his example.


Parenting Made Simple

A lot of parents want to raise children who are little Einstein whizzes who do excellently in school. What they forget is that Einstein did not talk until he was four. Even the smartest kid is going to have some oddities that a wise parent has to deal with. It is actually the more intellectually challenged children who usually have the fewest problems.


  1. Learn from Others

Preparing your children for success requires learning from the parents who are not succeeding, and the ones who did. Also looking at successful people and how they developed is quite helpful. It is easy to think that we know it all until the teenager comes home late with a traffic ticket. If you learn from the Dad of teenagers when you have toddlers, you will not make his mistakes.


  1. Understand Jungian Psychology

While Freudian psychology focuses on altering the environment to improve behavior, Jungian psychology holds that children have natural talents that should be cultivated in different environments. It is just like plants. If you try to grow a rose bush exactly like you would an almond tree, you are probably going to be frustrated with bad almonds. Understand the difference between the rose bush and the almond tree, and respect them for who they are.


  1. Learn From Your Own Childhood Mistakes

What did you not like about how your parents treated you? Some children when they become parents respond to relational pain by doing the extreme opposite of what their parents did. This is not always healthy. Identify what your parents did well, and what they did poorly. Copy what they did well, and change what they did poorly. Always be open to adapt for children who are very different than you.



Parenting is not something that all people do well. Get outside help. Former President Obama emphasized the role that a community has in raising children. You do not have to do it alone. However, it is your responsibility to make sure your children have a healthy and safe environment until they are 18.