Sergio Cortes: The Best Michel Jackson Impersonator

There are many people who try to impersonate Michael Jackson today, but the truth is that none has come as close as Sergio Cortes has. Born in Barcelona, Spain, Cortes has decided to impersonate the late Michael Jackson from the way he dances to the way he dresses. What’s interesting is that he does not only portray Jackson in his attitude, but also physical appearance.
Sergio Cortes started impersonating Jackson as a small boy, although by then his intentions were not to look like him but dance like him. Coincidentally, he looked just like Michael, something that saw him draw crowds anywhere he visited. A local reporter went ahead and posted pictures and videos online, and Sergio became a star. His videos received a lot of recognition almost immediately, and he started receiving requests for shows. Millions of people attended his shows while only a teenager, which led to him realizing what a good career that was. As Sergio grew older with time, he started refining his moves and sound just like Michael in order to impersonate him completely.
Many people have tried to impersonate Michael, but what keeps Sergio Cortes unique is his ability to perform like him. A 44 years, he moves, looks and sounds just like Michael Jackson. He has posted hundreds of videos across different platforms in the internet, showing people his unsurpassed skills. He mimics all the dancing moves of Michael including the famous moon walk and sings all his songs, leaving the audience mesmerized. Today, Cortes lives and performs in Brazil, where he is considered a celebrity.
The work of Sergio Cortes is renowned by numerous fans in Brazil and South America. Most of his fans acclaim that he is the best impersonator of Michael Jackson, mimicking all he used to do. They love him just as almost as they did to the king of pop. All his performances have seen him gunner universal following, achieving an impressive 17,300 likes on his Facebook page. The Human Nature Live, one of his biggest shows held in Italy, proved that he could be the next king of dancing just like Michael.
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Source: Noticias.r7