Philanthropy Is a Big Deal For Betsy DeVos

My research into the life and career of Betsy DeVos threw up a number of aspects of this Michigan based philanthropist and education reformer I was unaware of. Born in Holland, Michigan Betsy made her way to Calvin College to complete her education in Business Administration and Political Science; it was impressive to read accounts from Betsy’s contemporaries of her political and community based activities remaining as important to her as a student as they appear to be to her as an adult. As Betsy DeVos has seen her public profile raised during her nomination for the position of U.S. Secretary of Education I felt it was important to discover more about the beliefs and good causes Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick have look to fund throughout their lives.

The former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party may well be known for the work she achieves in education reform, but she should also be know for the work she has completed as the co-founder of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is one of the most impressive charitable giving groups in the U.S. and has been operating in a successful way since 1989 when the married couple founded the group in a bid to make sure the donations they made were provided for the causes and charitable groups that reflected the concerns and beliefs of the Grand rapids, Michigan based DeVos family. Betsy is well known as the head of a number of education groups, but I was unaware of her role as a board member of the Kennedy Center for the Arts based DeVos Institute for Arts Management. Although Betsy DeVos believes charitable giving is an important aspect of her life and work, it appears to me she also believes a major change can be made to communities through high quality investments made by herself and her husband; The Windquest group was also founded in 1989 by Dick and Betsy DeVos and has specialized in investments for companies in Michigan and those business opportunities that can have an effect on the future of the entire world. Among the opportunities backed by Betsy DeVos through The Windquest Group are an investment in green energy and the development of a company specializing in boxed water for disaster relief.

Despite the good works Betsy DeVos has done in many different areas she will always be linked to education reform through her work as an advocate for parents playing a major role in the education of their children. Betsy DeVos sits on the board of the Advocates for School Choice and Choices for Children, among other boards and I feel displays a passion we can all share in seeking the best education options for all children to enjoy.

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