Andrea McWilliams: The Story Behind the Consultant to Texas’s Political Elite

Andrea McWilliams is a highly skilled strategist who is known for her vast talent at all elements of lobbying and political fundraising. She founded and currently leads the full-service firm McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consulting, and works alongside her husband with the Texas political elite. The two combine their decades of combined experience to bring unique expertise to deeply connect with every issue and client that comes through their doors.


Among her talents, Andrea McWilliams has been consistently praised for her power as a strong fundraiser. She is also a national political commentator and has been featured by a multitude of news outlets, including CNN, BBC, the Wall Street Journal and FOX News. It is no surprise she has risen to such notariety, as she was named as a Chief of Staff at just 21 years old, an appointment rarely heard of at such a young age.


She has been notably referred to as a counselor to the powerful and political elite by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. This hallowed title comes as no surprised, as her career included passing over $100 million in incentives that will make Texas the global leader in clean coal – with a power plan that captures carbon.


Andrea McWilliams was a Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist,” and is a honored recipient of the Austin Business Journal’s “Profile’s in Power.”


Outside of her work in political fundraising and lobbying, Andrea is well known as an advocate for her community and philanthropist. She has consistently joined and rallied other to join in the fight against cancer by working in a capacity of high dedication with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. She has also been an honorary chair for the annual Mamma Jamma Ride.