De-Stress With a Little Baby Talk

Kathleen was finding pregnancy very stressful. She was almost 40 and had a demanding career as a writer and director. Food didn’t even taste good anymore. She researched ways of controlling stress, but nothing seemed to help.

Then Kathleen interviewed Dr. Moriah Thomason for a film. Using MRIs to scan developing fetus brains, Dr. Thomason had discovered that human brains are capable of emotional and abstract thinking very early. What’s more, the chemicals connected with the mother’s emotions enter into the baby’s brain through the placenta. So the developing child can feel the emotions of the mother.

Kathleen also discovered practitioners in Seattle who taught a method of reducing stress called Bindungsanalyse, or prenatal bonding. It’s a way for mother and baby to communicate before birth. First the mother relaxes, then thinks of soothing mental images and speaks to the baby in a nurturing way. When done throughout pregnancy, this is believed to lower stress for both the mother and the baby. Even some mothers who are scientists, and were skeptical, have found it helpful.

Bindungsanalyse was developed by Dr. Jeno Raffai in Hungary, and proponents say it makes labor easier and safer. It’s claimed that the method reduced Caesarian sections in Hungary from 30% of births to 6%

For Kathleen, a little baby talk did give her a great deal of peace. She doesn’t know about the long run. But she says you have to do your best for your child.

Maternal Obesity Causes Problems for Baby

Doctors are afraid to tell their patients they’re fat. Doctors are rated on ‘patient satisfaction’ and if they offend a patient, they may never see that patient again. Bottom line, the doctors will lose money if the speak frankly with a patient about weight and that is causing serious health issues with women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant.
A baby born to an obese mother is typically 9 pounds of more as opposed to a ‘normal’ sized newborn which weighs in at between 6-7 pounds. Babies born to obese mothers are much more likely to become obese themselves. But it doesn’t stop there.
Folks at Anastasia Date ( have learned that obese pregnant women or more likely to have high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and babies born with birth defects. Larger women usually require a C-section to deliver their baby and that opens up a new spectrum of possible complications, ranging from infection, hemoraging to hernias.
A life-threatening pre-eclampsia is three times more likely to happen to an obese pregnant woman than one who is of normal weight. Pre-eclampsia produces symptoms of high blood pressure, organ dysfunction and swelling. If left untreated, the mother can start having seizures, stroke and/or her liver may rupture, any of which can cause death.
Maternal obesity greatly increases the risk factors during pregnancy, delivery and beyond, but doctors are afraid to inform their patients of the risk their extra weight can cause.