Troy McQuagge Scopes the Coveted One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge has scoped the most coveted award in the professional arena, One Planet Awards. The award is highly valued by several key personalities and organizations in business field as well. To many people in these fields, the award is sure mark of excellence.

It recognizes the top performing executives, highly performing teams, new and super innovative products or services that maximizes the client needs, top performing organizations irrespective of their sizes. This way, an organization or an executive is ranked among their peers. As a Gold winner of this award, this therefore makes Troy an exceptional mark.

As the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy has worked his way up through sheer hard work and excellence. His education background goes way back from University of Florida. He is well recognized in the sales industry especially in insurance. He has exemplary experience in this field with over 30 years of marked career growth in this highly competitive industry.

Despite the high competition, Troy has managed to bring about growth in USHEALTH Group during his time at the company. In fact, he is well known for his creative move in re-structuring of USHEALTH Advisors, a move that saw him become the president and CEO of the group in 2014.

The company deals with provision of affordable health insurance covers to individual clients. These mainly comprises of people in self-employment and people operating their own business at a lower tier of the economy.

It is very difficult to meet the needs of clientele under this category especially since they vary from one person to another. In addition, the organization has to strike a balance between meeting the needs of this market at affordable rates and ensuring the company’s sustainability at the same time.

With Troy McQuagge’ guidance and innovativeness, the Insurance Holding Company has managed to use its resources to bring to market high value insurance products. Attaining a distinctive competitive edge in the industry has seen the profitability of the company rise over time.

One key thing that Troy has insisted on at every stage of product delivery is quality customer service. He understands the value of relationship management as a key tool to retaining clients and ensuring growth of an organization.

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