Relmada files a new lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company

Relmada is a manufacturing company. It concentrates on medicine production for chronic pain. The company filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company Ltd. It later made an amendment to the lawsuit. The amendment added charges that were not yet filed. The whole case was presented to the U.S. District Court at Nevada District. Relmada stated that Laidlaw revealed confidential information. The information had a resultant negative impact on reputation of stakeholders and company investors. Remalda issued the claim for many other reasons. Laidlaw caused a lot of damages regarding fees and costs. Damages occurred after Laidlaw misled them.

Laidlaw has been in operation for 170 years. The company focuses on independent and investment banking needs. Its customers are corporations, institutions, international companies, and investors. The company has several goals and objectives. It plans to offer exclusive services to existing and emerging companies. Mathew D. Eitner leads Laidlaw. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer. James P. Ahern serves as the head of Capital Markets and is the managing partner. Both leaders played a significant role in the lawsuit misleading Remalda. The company has been in operation for many years. Laidlaw has built a solid reputation in its operating years. It strives firmly amidst the several court charges.