Writing Your Way to Wikipedia Success

Wikipedia is perhaps one of the most widely used resources available on the Internet today. Understandably, Wikipedia writers across the world strive to prepare articles with the intention of publishing their work on the website. The one thing that stops them is they aren’t sure if Wikipedia will accept their first article. Fortunately, all writers have to do is follow a few simple guidelines.

Search for the Topic Title
The first thing one should do is review Wikipedia’s policy on article titles. Once one is familiar with the policy, run a search for the article to find out if the title one intends to use already exists. If so, one can learn to create a redirect, which guides people to articles under alternative names. Writers can also opt to change the title to something not already in use.

Carefully Choose References
A key goal an author should aim for is a reliable article. This, of course, means using trustworthy sources and avoiding those that are influenced by opinion rather than fact. A prime example of dependable sources is peer-reviewed scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers and books published by major publishing companies. Once one has selected reliable sources for the article, review Wikipedia’s policy on citing sources to ensure the references are properly formatted.

Subjects to Avoid
While an author may want some fame, writing an article about oneself, one’s family or one’s friends is not advisable. In addition, writers should not focus on fictional stories, made up words or even an idea for a television show. Generally speaking, a writer should put some thought into the article subject, put the research time in and make sure there are reliable sources. Otherwise, one’s article may be deleted.

Get Your Wiki
From time to time, an author with a great idea may need help putting his or her thoughts down on paper. The experts at Get Your Wiki are more than willing to help in any way they can. With years of editing experience behind them, they know exactly what Wikipedia expects. As such, they can write and edit articles, but they don’t stop there. Get Your Wiki will also monitor one’s article once it is accepted, ensuring any additional edits by others are accurate. With guarantees like that, there’s no reason not to turn to Get Your Wiki.

Dad’s Teaching Methods

In recent news, a young girl that was publicly shamed and humiliated by her father committed suicide by jumping stated Multi Vu. Her father had shaved her head and made fun of her on a video which he posted to the internet. The father’s video went viral and many rightfully questioned his parenting techniques. Public shaming has become all too common and the resulting effects of it are devastating to the victims who often don’t think they can face anyone afterwards. After Arsenio Mcleod watched a parental shaming video, he decided to make his own with his child. He began the video like other shaming parents have, but just as he is about to shave the child’s hair, he stopped and began talking to parents from the camera about how wrong it is to humiliate your children this way. His video is profound because he demonstrates how to positively remind your child to not give up when things get hard. We need more parents like him to set standards that it is not alright to humiliate as a form of discipline.

Sultan Alhokair Offers Advice to New Entrepreneurs

The Fascinating Field of Business and Investment

All his life, Sultan Alhokair has demonstrated a keen interest in financial issues and commercial activity. He enrolled in Northwestern University to study Financial Accounting, Small Business Management and Family Business Management in 2009. Later, in January, 2014, he accepted a position as a Project Manager with Retail Group of America. In this capacity, he offers retail services to several fashion companies and helps advise business managers on issues such as branding and marketing.

His practical day to day experience in the fast-paced world of retail sales helped inspire his interest in investment and capital markets further. Mr. Alhokair as a Project Manager indicates that he constantly seeks new opportunities for effective retail product sales.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, he also works as a partner in Valia Investments. The firm operates in the exciting field of angel investments. It searches for promising new startup ventures, companies that might benefit from its financial support and business guidance.

Advice For Business Entrepreneurs

As one of the partners in Valia Investments, Mr. Alhokair maintains the responsibility of helping to evaluate business startups as possible candidates for investment. He indicated recently that he pays close attention to two factors in particular: profitability and sustainability.

What advice does Mr. Alhokair offer to new entrepreneurs who hope someday to lead flourishing business concerns? He recently wrote an article detailing five key issues that impact business success in the startup realm:

First, he urges anyone thinking about going into business to think realistically about a venture’s long term prospects and survival. Second, he recommends the preparation of a five year business plan which combines both careful research and a projection of the company’s situation into the near future. “Both are incredibly important for ensuring that you have a clear cut model of a company’s success outlook” he observes. Third, Sultan Alhokair recommends that enthusiastic entrepreneurs take the time to examine their new company’s marketplace, placing especial emphasis upon competition. He believes that every firm does at some point face competition. By becoming better aware of the activity of enterprises already engaged in the marketplace, and new products that may eventually pose competition, a business owner enhances the chances that a startup will succeed. Fourth, he urges entrepreneurs to strive for a unique role in the marketplace. Fifth, the company should express itself in a way that remains difficult to duplicate.