Squaw Valley Ski CEO Claims Chairman Position

The Reno-Tahoe region, for the better part of the past half decade, has seen a huge boost in tourism dollars thanks to the hard work of Squaw Valley Ski’s CEO Andy Wirth and his work in the area.

Andy Wirth is a prominent CEO and his ski resorts are getting worldwide acclaim, generating travelers from all over the world who want to come hit the slopes. Now, Wirth is taking the next step as he has been added to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board to serve as a Chairman.

Andy Wirth will be joining the board alongside a trio of other new members which include Lisa Gianoli, Jenifer Rose, as well as Jessica Sferrazza. All of the members have extensive business backgrounds with their own companies successful histories to stand by their values.

Wirth called the appointment an honor and that “new people will bring new ideas” in order to help elevate the airport’s standing in the region. Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

According to Bloomberg, Andy Wirth also served on the RSCVA Board back in 2013. With the RSCVA Wirth saw his job primarily working as a liason with Lake Tahoe and the Reno-Sparks area. Wirth’s extensive history in international resort management definitely makes an impact on his appointment to the board. Wirth’s extensive experience will definitely have an impact on the Reno Airport Authority Board.

Things haven’t always been roses for Andy, however, as he suffered from a nearly fatal skydiving accident only a couple of years ago. Wirth is an avid outdoorsman and at one time he was a skydiving enthusiast. This incident happened on a fairly regular day of diving but the pilot of the plane missed the jump zone and as a result Wirth was forced to try and put himself down in a vineyard.

Wirth ended up clipping a pole thus instantly severing his arm. With the risk of bleeding out imminent Wirth had to master his shock in order to staunch the bleeding. Andy Wirth ended up holding out long enough for help to arrive and he ended up pulling through a load of surgeries in order to bounce back to his job in order to make a difference in the region once more.