Senators Want to Make it Mandatory for Police Departments to Report Shootings That Involve Police Officers

A lack in transparency is being partially blamed for the recent rash of fatal force being used by police officers all around the country. But a plan was proposed on Tuesday that would ensure police officers are held accountable for their actions. If passed, the bill would make it mandatory for all American law enforcement agencies to report the use of fatal force in all circumstances.

As it stands right now, there are no laws which require law enforcement to report how many times their police officers fatally shoot alleged suspects. Clearly, these policies are in desperate need for reform. That’s why Senator Barbara Boxer, along with New Jersey representative Cory Booker, proposed the legislation that would force every United States police department to report the conduct of their officers to the US Department of Justice.

The Senators goal is to create complete transparency within law enforcement agencies, something which many regular Americans are demanding as well. As of right now, financial specialist James Dondero says the government has no access to reliable statistics which could help to explain why police brutality has become such an overwhelming social issue in recent years. The new plan would also hold each officer more accountable for their actions, knowing that the federal government has a close watch on them and their decisions.