Kraft Heinz Pays it Forward

The “Smunday” Holiday is nearing. In a recent press release, Nicole Kulwicki, head of the Heinz brand shared a cause that the company will support for this year’s Super Bowl. Yes, they will be promoting the “Smunday” Holiday revolution. This movement was highlighted in an online add that Heinz rolled out yesterday, January 25, in which they promoted a holiday for Monday, February 6, after the Super Bowl.


Instead of buying those expensive Super Bowl ads this year, they will be giving their salaried employees the day off for some rest and relaxation. Super Bowl ad time costs millions for companies that put their brand in front of the largest viewed event of the year. Kraft Heinz made the decision this year to give that back to their employees in the form of time off.


This gesture is actually bigger than just giving their employees a day off. It is a movement that Heinz is promoting. The company started a petition to make “Smunday”, or the Monday after the Super Bowl, a national holiday. If they get 100,000 people to sign the petition they have promised to send it to Congress. The hope is that this gesture will result in good public relations with their employees as well as consumers.


This movement will actually be a win win situation for the companies and employees. Companies lose billions of dollars due to a decline in productivity and absenteeism on this day. So, why not make it a national holiday so that everyone gets a little perk.


I realize that in a factory it is hard to shut down production, and I understand why this can’t logistically apply to the factory workers. But I think it would be a great gesture for Heinz to come up with a plan to include the factory workers in this “Smunday” holiday. Vouchers for comp time to be used on another day would be a great start, thus avoiding a complete shutdown of production.



Even with the above mentioned possible improvement, I say bravo to Heinz for thinking about their employees rather than their bottom line. It’s good to see companies think about their employees. Maybe we’ll see other big companies follow Heinz’s lead.