Healthy and Delicious Organic Puffs Created by Livio Bisterzo’s Green Park


Hippeas, an organic chickpea snack, was recently introduced to the market.

livio bisterzo


With an aim to satisfy both tasty and health needs of customers, Hippeas delivers a snack that gives back. Gluten free, kosher, vegan, with 4 grams of protein and 130 calories per pack.

According to founder Livio Bisterzo, the snacks are setting the benchmark in the better for you salty snack category.  Hippeas snacks are one of the latest products to officially join the Starbucks Assortment of grab-and-go Snacks. They can be purchased in over 7500 Starbuck locations within the United States.


How Hippeas Were Developed


According to Bisterzo, the chickpea as the starting hero ingredient was the beginning of the journey towards acheiveing the right taste, shape, bite as well as texture. Another main factor that was trying to achieve “familiarity”  while delivering BFY product attributes. Additionally, the team of experts working under Bisterzo direction focused on creating products that customers would be happy and proud of picking from a grocery store shelf. This brand is culturally relevant, resonate and address many millennial consumer trends.


About Livio Bisterzo


Livio Bisterzo is the CEO and founder of Green Park Brands, the business behind the success of this new snack. For over 10 years, Livio Bisterzo has been working in the natural food industry prior to co-founding the company in 2015.