S’well bottles pass consumer test on local news

One of the staples of local TV news channels is the consumer testing reports that take place throughout the year. As the height of summer was reached KWCH12 decided to put the S’well water bottle and its revolutionary technology to the test against a traditional plastic water bottle. S’well has recently been made available Online for prices ranging from $25 to $45 for different sizes of bottle and have stated the technology included in the bottles keeps liquids hot or cold for 24 hours.

To test the claims of the S’well bottle makes on their Wikipedia page, a viewer was given a S’well bottle to use and had the temperature of the liquid inside checked on a regular basis as she went about her daily business. The viewer began by following the instructions included with the S’well bottle and saw an initial temperature of 40F recored for her ice cold water. A traditional plastic water bottle was also filled with water suing the same instructions as used for the S’well bottle. After a day at work the viewer arrived for an evening workout and carried both the S’well bottle and traditional plastic water bottle for the temperature to be tested. The water in the plastic bottle was recorded at 79F and the S’well bottle water at 41F.The viewer described the two options with the S’well bottle providing the more refreshing drinking option. Over the course of 24 hours the water within the S’well bottle rose just a few degrees and showed how well the bottle can maintain the temperature of ice cold drinks held within it.