A Parenting Preview Using Strange Things

Popcorn, parent, and pictures are relating words that can be meaningful in the life of a preteen boy or girl. Spending time sharing an activity that is enjoyable builds any relationship, and the pre-teenage and teen years are ones that seek a complex variety of needs. A parent is no longer the security blanket for comfort in a crisis, or even the provider of life sustaining food and drink. The confident young person is beginning to trust that he or she can manage things like living without ever present supervision. The parent may be left wondering if there is a new role for him that will continue to help his bird fly safely and successfully.

New roles are created by opening new doors, with the hope that new bridges will be built. What happens when a family shares quantities of popcorn and laughs or cries together in front of a TV screen, may be only a momentary period of enjoyment, or it may serve to awaken a new awareness of relationships. Family can be friends ready to share, not only popcorn and a silly story, but decisions that come so hard. Our world of technology has opened up so many new tools that can be used in living rooms across the country. Sharing TV of the past has proved to be great fun.

“Stranger Things,” an eight episode set of this sci thriller of the l980’s, was released last year and was a great hit. It may now be offered for a second season. Many remember the teenage boys pedaling down the street, ready to help alien characters in scary situations and offering touches of humor with their antics. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/herocomplex/la-et-hc-stranger-thing. These episodes, with the icy score, may bring nostalgic moments. To share them with the family is to capitalize on a parenting moment which can offer wide areas of discussion and warm moments of camaraderie. The short complete episodes use only a segment of time that can be manageable with homework and other necessary activities. Much interest and discussion can be initiated with the costumes and activities from only 20 years ago, a time period familiar to the parent. The activity offers opportunity for youth involvement, since a pre-teen can prepare popcorn to be shared.

While this Netflex release may not offer great intellectual growth, the family experience may open a new door to a treasure. Who knows? “Stranger Things” have happened.