To All Aspiring Talent, Nine9 Can Help

Even if you look far and wide it’ll be tough to find a talent service like Nine9. Nine9 is all about helping aspiring talent make their dreams come true. It wants people to know that they can do whatever they want in life. The acting and modeling industries may be tough to break into, but Nine9 is here to help. Recently, Nine9 revealed a few tips that can that’ll aid in an upcoming actor and model’s pursuit of happiness.


Have you ever heard the saying, “a closed mouth don’t get fed?” Because it is never more true than when it pertains to actors and models. If you really wish to start a career in either you must not be afraid to speak up. Speaking up gives people the opportunity to know you and gives you the chance to leave a lasting impression. Socializing is a key tool when it comes to building relationships with individuals who may have the right connection.

Take Classes

You must always be working towards getting better and mastering your craft, if such a thing is even possible in the first place. In California there are plenty workshops where someone can attend classes.

Get Head shots

Head shots are essential for aspiring actors and models. You won’t even be able to audition for most roles with one. Make sure they were taken by a professional and you look your best.

Get Help

It’s never wrong to ask for help if you really need it. Nine9 can help you get to where you want to be. The talent service is all about helping out the underdog. Nine9 gets its name form its passion to represent the 99 percent because 99 percent of aspiring talent doesn’t have representation. So to Nine9 it only makes sense to ignore the 1 percent and focus completely on the 99 percent.


The Un-Agency Nine9 Helps Aspiring Talent Get Auditions

What is Nine9, and what does it do? Nine9, the UnAgency, is revamping the way talented individuals find their way into the best entertainment industry, as this YouTube video relates. Aspiring actors, models, and musicians are the kinds of talent Nine9 works with.The goal is to help the talent go viral. Nine9 gets musicians, actors, and models hooked up with auditions. Its name represents the 99% of talented individuals who aren’t in the top tier of their profession…yet. Nine9 believes the 99% who don’t have an agent should have a chance to be heard.

Singer and actress Katherine C. is the first to give her testimonial in the video. Katherine has gotten many auditions that have led to photo shoots and parts in commercials. She advises other aspiring actors and singers to be outgoing and to go to every audition they possibly can.The next voice in the video is that of Lynn Clarke-Geiner, a casting director, producer, and talent scout. She uses Nine9’s database frequently when casting one of her productions. In the next segment, you’ll see a showcase that represents men, women, and children in the kind of professional photographs that can help launch their modeling and/or acting careers.

Some tricks and tips for aspiring actors, models, and musicians follow. They tell you what to bring to a photo shoot and what will help you look your best. For example, don’t arrive to a shoot with your hair in a ponytail, which can leave an unwanted crease.Anthony Toma, the founder and CEO of Nine9, appears next in the video. He shares his vision for helping aspiring models and actors get started in the entertainment industry. Toma wanted to level the playing field for those who don’t happen to be discovered by a talent scout.

Personal Interview with Nine9 CEO and Founder Anthony Toma

In a recent interview published by Ideamesch, the founder and CEO of Nine9 TheUnAgency, Mr. Anthony Toma opened up on several issues regarding both his family and company. The interview covered a wide variety of issues ranging from personal truths like his love for the Detroit lions and his daily family life to corporate questions such as his inspiration for starting of Nine9 and factors that have contributed to the survival and growth of the company.

Nine9 TheUnAgency was founded more than 12 years ago in the year 2013 and the main goal of the company is to provide actors and models with the opportunities, tools and support structures that they need in order to start, develop and advance their various careers. The name of the company is actually inspired by the fact that 99% of actors and models within the entertainment industry do not have access to the facilities and support required to help them establish a successful careers. This is the gap that the company now works to fill on a daily basis although in the interview Mr. Toma revealed that its establishment came about as something of an accident that happened as he was looking for grocery franchises.

When asked about the habits that make him successful as an entrepreneur, Mr. Toma attributed everything to good listening skills. He also gave credit to the Entrepreneurial Operating System designed by Gino Wickman and which the company continuously employs in all his operations. Interestingly, he pointed out failure as one of his strongest pillars for growth. He indicated that he has managed to grown by failing time and time again and was quick to recommend the same for other entrepreneurs hoping for success. His dedication to family was also evident when he outlined his regular morning routine and also when he revealed that he once spent $100 on his son’s tooth as a tooth fairy but still felt it was the best $100 he ever spent.You can also visit their You-Tube page: Click here.

How Aspiring Actors And Models Can Achieve Success Through The Nine9 Talent Agency

Success Story Dan M.

Dan M. is an actor and model from Reston, Virginia who has achieved significant results with the help of the Nine9 talent agency in his acting and modeling career. He says that Nine9 has helped him land positions in shows as well as movies. Dan. M. will recently be beginning to perform for a new show. He gives a lot of credit to Nine9 for helping him succeed in acting. click Here for for .

  1. Success Story Jermaine G.

Jermaine G. is an actor and model from Roxboro, North Carolina. He says that since joining Nine9, he has received several casting calls which then developed into fashion modeling opportunities. Jermaine G. credits the Nine9 talent agency with helping him to develop and build his acting and modeling portfolio. Positions that Jermaine has obtained with the help of Nine9 include being featured in a music video, a wedding magazine, and the DC Fashion Week. Since then, Jermaine G. says he has been featured in over five different runway events for male models. He is optimistic about his future and Nine9 plays an important role in his obtaining castings and modeling opportunities. Nine9 CEO .

  1. Success Story Lovi J.

Lovi J. is a child actress and model who has achieved rapid results with Nine9. Her parents received a position for Lovi to perform at a kids red carpet after less than a week of joining. Nine9 Offices .

The Philosophy And Offerings Of The Nine9 Talent Agency

The philosophy of the Nine9 talent agency is to let every aspiring model or actor have the chance to try out for acting and modeling roles. Nine9 achieves this by letting each member have access to a national listing for casting and auditions for TV shows, films, the theater, commercials and modeling. While other agencies may refuse to consider you, Nine9 talent agency lets you take chances and explore the possibilities of acting and modeling through its high tech database. Nine9 in Facebook . for more.