The Traveling Vineyard and Thrilling Career Openings

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that specializes in wine direct sales. Its staff consists of individuals who work from the comforts of their own homes. The roots of The Traveling Vineyard began all the way back in the early 2000s. Professionals who work for the company include its head Rick Libby, partner Huib Geerlings, Director of Operations Tim Wrightington, wine director Francis Sanders and fulfillment manager Sheryl Kenney. The company has a good number of other staff members as well.

People who wish to earn money through The Traveling Vineyard can enjoy careers as wine guides. These careers can be suitable for people who do not want to have to go to offices on a daily basis. The Traveling Vineyard’s direct sales strategy can be convenient for people who are strong communicators. It can also be convenient for people who have ambitious and motivated personalities. Wine guides, in short, are individuals who reach out to potential hosts. They collaborate with hosts to set up wine tastings. The Traveling Vineyard can be an invaluable option for people who are interested in landing new jobs. Wine guide positions do not call for extensive experience. Wine guides do not have to pay minimum fees each month, either.

The Traveling Vineyard, like many other hard-working businesses, has a presence on Facebook. The company’s Facebook page provides visitors with a substantial amount of information. People who visit The Traveling Vineyard on Facebook can learn a bit about its history. They can learn about the company’s basic objectives as well. The Facebook page even tells people what they can do to begin rewarding careers as guides. The Traveling Vineyard staff regularly makes postings on Facebook. These posts talk about a wide range of topics. They talk about how women can do well in the business world. They talk about the many perks of wine. They talk about upcoming events, too.

The Traveling Vineyard has a page on yet another wildly popular social media platform. This platform is Instagram. People who stop by The Traveling Vineyard’s Instagram page can access a number of diverse images. These images typically depict wine. They sometimes show wine bottles next to food as well. People who want to learn more about The Traveling Vineyard can get considerable insight through the company’s numerous social media offerings. The Traveling Vineyard is a rising business that has a deep enthusiasm for anything wine-related.


Successful Online Marketing with White Shark Media

From business to entrepreneurship, there is always a new idea or brand developing in the market. That is why there is competition in the marketing world. Although companies and brands penetrate the market from time to time, running them can be challenging as it demands so much. From the time owners and founders have to invest in the capital, marketing is hectic. That is why White Shark Media comes into the picture as the reliever of all stresses. White Shark Media is the world’s best Digital Marketing Agency that offers online marketing solutions created for small to medium enterprises.



Client Review and Growth



White Shark Media has been acknowledged for being one of the world’s fastest developing digital agencies across North America. The company derives its growth and positivity from their reputation through conducting cost effective and economic campaigns geared towards offering excellent customer experience. In the past, it was a small agency assisting small businesses in America to grow through employing their online marketing strategies. The company has managed to retain their first client from three years ago with over 150 employees across three countries. The massive growth of the firm is linked to its partnership with Google when their team was tasked with leveraging duties. White Shark has a very attentive and organized team. They are timely and up to date with deadlines. The team is proactive with generating new business ideas.



Mission and Objectives



White Shark Media commits to its client’s success. That is why the team is innovative and cost efficient while offering marketing solutions encompassing transparency. They are dedicated to providing excellent services to clients to achieve enormous growth in the ever developing online marketing platform. The firm focuses on doubling its size in future through successful partnerships and campaigns. White Shark Media has redoubled its effort to improve client support. The team has revamped the marketing services to provide accurate and general marketing results. They offer detailed reports through Google Adwords Campaigns for clients to understand the strategies behind the increase in consumer platforms.






White Shark Media is a management agency with affiliates in Miami, Nicaragua, Scandinavia, Atlanta and Central America. The company focuses on offering transparent managerial services to all small businesses that need online advertising through Google AdWords or Bing Ads. With the belief in win –win situations, White Shark Media believes that customer is king hence no contracts or cancellation fees.

How Does OSI Group Provide The Most-Sustainable Food Supply Chain?

OSI Group is a food supply company that provides the finest in food service products for cafeterias and large facilities around the world. The company is quite a large conglomerate that produces several different food products, and this article explains how they remain sustainable, produce good food and keep their customers happy. Food supplied to the world must be good for the planet, shipped properly and delicious.

#1: How Is The Food Produced?

OSI Group produces their food in several different plants across the globe, and they use only the finest ingredients in every piece of food. They believe that food must be created using ingredients fit for restaurants, and they continue by packaging their food for travel. They must ship their food to parts around the world, and they use a shipping service that sends everything to their customers in a timely manner.

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#2: How Is Their Food Sustainable?

OSI Group does not purchase raw materials or food products from companies that are not sustainable in their own right. They choose vendors who create sustainable products, and they use a system within their own plants that remains sustainable. Their plants are self-sustaining, and they recover everything from rainwater to byproducts from their production. They are quite concerned with the recycling of products, water and materials, and they wish to ensure their plants will manage themselves.

#3: Shipping Through Sustainable Means

Shipping through sustainable means requires OSI Group to use vehicles and shipping methods that are safe for the environment. It is quite important for everyone ordering from OSI Group to remain available to sustainable shipping methods. Natural gas trucks and quick air shipments are far better for the environment, and they ensure their shipping partners are quite committed to the sustainable.

Shipments may be taken from OSI Group at any time, and companies that wish to order consistently will see their shipments arrive on-time every week. It is quite simple to work with OSI Group as they ship through reliable means.

#4: Being Socially Responsible

OSI Group maintains its social responsibility in every place it does business. The company offers fine foods to their customers, and they pay fair wages to all their employees. They are not in the business of gouging their employees, and they create a working environment that is safe for everyone.

The communities near plants run by OSI Group are supported by OSI Group in a manner that ensures everyone is treated well. Community outreach is a large part of what OSI Group does because they believe their mission in each community is to make lives better. The chain of sustainability then reaches out to everyone in the community in a way that serves people over profit.

OSI Group is a wonderful company that has committed itself to making great food, and they use sustainable methods to bring their food to the world. Everyone who must order from OSI Group becomes a part of a sustainable food chain, and they are a fine example for the industry.


Selecting A Highly Reliable Investment Bank like Laidlaw

Laidlaw & Company is a renowned investment bank that advises business people and investors on how to manage their wealth and invest wisely.

Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company and former client of Laidlaw & Company, has filed a request in court to amend its allegation against Laidlaw & Company and its managers, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern.

As a reputable firm, Laidlaw & Company has provided top notch advisory services and financial management solutions to clients from all walks of life. The company has been around for many years and is financially strong. Its outstanding investment solutions and advice have helped many entrepreneurs and business people raise the funds they need and make lucrative investments.

Laidlaw & Company is definitely a leader in the field of investment banking and can certainly help any ambitious person or investor achieve tremendous success and reach their goals. In fact, numerous clients have been raving about the quality of service they have received from Laidlaw & Company and its executives, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern.

Laidlaw & Company was well praised and respected by clients including Relmada Therapeutics due to its honesty, integrity and dedication to excellent service and customer satisfaction.

There are many companies and investment banks out there offering to help investors attain success and reach their investment goals, but not all of these companies can provide the level of service you need.

Anyone who is trying to ensure that they are investing or managing their wealth the right way will want to get in touch with Laidlaw & Company. This reputable and trusted company makes it easier to get access to top quality resources and reliable advice regarding investing and taking advantage of lucrative opportunities. Visit the website of Laidlaw & Company to learn more about their services.

I Advocate For New Homeowners Who Work With Dallas Banks

Dallas banks are putting in a lot of money and time to invest in the city, and they are creating an environment where anyone can get a new home. Dallas Neighborhood Homes has teamed up with Nexbank to offer funding for new homes for people who are not housed well, and it is important for everyone to know that they are creating a whole new part of the city where people can live safely. I have been an advocate for people who really need these homes, and there are a lot of regular customers who can finally get the loan that they need.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

It is very easy for us to help people when we know that a banking partner wants to help. Nexbank has committed a lot of money to help these people, and I have spent countless hours being sure that people are receiving the help they need. I want them all to come work with Nexbank to know they can get a loan, and they will be in a home soon that protects and nurtures their family. I am constantly talking to members of the community who need that nurturing, and I am leading them all the Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes.

Someone who wants to be sure that they can get into a better home can work with these incredible companies that believe in the city. It helps to know that I am working with people who have a chance to change their lives, and I feel good every day knowing that I can send them to Nexbank for help. I actually a loan from Nexbank for my home and my car, and I can attest to how well they treat people. They are a great company that will continue to put Dallas ahead of its own interests.

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I Filled Our New Development With Lovely Families

Nexbank is a bank in Dallas that I trust, and I also work through them a lot because I am a real estate agent in Dallas. The homes that I sell are often bought with the money that is provided by Nexbank in their loans, and I think that it is very important for people like me to get to know the programs that are offered at Nexbank. They are in the middle of a massive affordable home program that is helping all these people buy their homes outright not long after I show them the homes.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

The homes that I sell are in a good price range, and they are all purchased by people who go to Nexbank on my recommendation. They come back with pre approval letters pretty soon, and then I get to show them how they can move into their homes when the sale closes. I have done this with a lot of people who were in need, and I have been wondering for a long time why we would do anything else. Every client is paying less every month, and they are getting the home they want.

I filled up an entire new development with people who were going to Nexbank for their loans, and we have a nice place to live that I actually bought a home in. I fell in love with this community, and I got to know a lot of the people I was selling to. I bought the model home using the same program that everyone else used at Nexbank, and we are all living in homes that are far more affordable than they ever were before. This has completely changed the way that I view home ownership, and it has helped me improve my performance as a real estate agent.

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The Adam Sender Contemporary Art Collection

What does it take to become an art collector so significant in the world of artistic endeavor that the collection itself becomes as well known as the artist?
Is there a specific set of skills at looking at a particular piece and being capable of spotting art world trends before the average populace note the direction?

Unlike most people who buy art on a piece-by-piece basis, it takes a plan for formulating multiple acquisitions that result in the intelligent building of a collection. Skill set includes being able to research and evaluate an individual work and then form a meaningful grouping–a collection. The collection is the result of the ultimate purposeful purchasing of the emerging trend by the specific artist(s) that commands premium attention in that the work is as excellent as the balance in which it is presented.

Great collectors become as widely known and respected as the collection they present. Education may very well be part of the key accrued from the knowledge of well known experts, curators, and other collectors.

The art of collection can easily become a passion which may take on a life of it’s own as it did when high end and well known art collector Adam Sender mounted an exhibition of works in one of his Miami homes several years ago. The 70 works shown in various rooms of the home were culled from over 1,000 pieces in that collection and included a piece by Richard Prince called “Spiritual America”, a photograph of Brooke Shields as a child standing in a bathtub. The piece was artfully placed in a bathroom.

Adam Sender, in his middle 40’s, was well situated to begin a contemporary art collection following his success as a hedge fund manager and was in the unique position of gravitating towards artists well on the road to stardom. Sender discovered he was a skilled investor as well as gifted in knowing which pieces were worthy of being collected. He has been amassing his collection over the last two decades that include the conceptualism and minimalist movements. His trove includes the Cindy Sherman photograph known as Black Sheets. Indeed, one of the few collectors to mount an appreciation for women artists, he has also acquired works by Mickalene Thomas, Barbara Kruger, and Sarah Lucas and believes the work of women artists should not be discounted because of the artist’s gender.

Sender began a sell down of 400 of his vast collection of works by 139 artists through Sotheby’s auctions in the spring of last year in an 18 month campaign to release his works and reduce his holdings.

Choice pieces from the Sender Collection continue to be offered in 2015.

QNet: The Next Wave of International Marketing

When it comes to multi level marketing, there certainly are a lot of companies to choose from. The biggest problem with these companies is that they can come and go, and therefore some of them in general (or the entire multi level marketing system) gets a bad reputation. What you need to see is how a long a company has been around, what they can offer their employees and sales people, and just understand their overall history.

When you are looking for a multi level marketing company and a direct marketing company, you have to think about the long term possibilities. After all, no one is joining just for the fun time and experience; people are joining these companies because they see that they can truly be a success in them. When looking for the company that gives you the best chance of being a success, the company that keeps standing head and shoulders above the competition is Qnet.

Qnet has not only helped people get their financial lives in order and allowed them to become immensely successful with their riches, but they are also a company that changes lives with their products as well. The types of products Qnet is able to supply through their direct marketing is basically wellness and lifestyle changing products.

Nutrition, education, weight control, supplements, and more are the norm when it comes to Qnet. In essence, you are seeing individual success stories being born all over the place. Not only are young marketers making a name for themselves and making riches simply by building connections through their friends and family, but they are improving the lives of their friends and family as well.

There are some businesses and business models where people can sell and specialize in things that they enjoy, some where the good or service is something necessary, and some where things are just somewhere in between. However, when it comes to goods and services that will actually better the lives of the consumers who use them, you have a top notch business idea that anyone can not only do, but be proud of as well. Qnet is not only a direct marketing company that has allowed so many entrepreneurs to become successful with their marketing and sales program, but they have done it by empowering individuals to help their family, friends, and other contacts. Who would have thought you could get rich off of helping to improve the lives of those closest to you?

At the end of the day, you need to work for a company that makes sense for you. Remember that it’s not too often where a company like Qnet comes along and allows you to build a business from the ground up just from helping others.

What Eric Pulier Achieved at ServiceMesh

Eric Pulier is a genius who achieved a lot in ServiceMesh and CSC through the service he launched like the CSC Agility Platform. The platform helps enterprises to use cloud-based IT models to increase business agility, hasten application delivery and minimize costs. The Agility Platform is the industry best policy-based cloud, security and lifecycle management feature. It speeds the implementation of cloud services in business while offering a business with critical applications to use in the cloud.

Cloud-portable Enterprise Services

Among the services they offer include centralized cloud management, governance orchestration, application-centric orchestration and governance for a deploying compound, multi-tier business platforms in hybrid clouds. Other services offered include the application of Release Automation to fasten software releases and speed application delivery. Application of Blueprints to boost portability of hybrid cloud along their lifecycle that are independent of the fundamental infrastructure or cloud operation environment is also another type of service.

Self-Service Cloud IT

Services offered in this category include expandable policy engine to form and enforce standard policies for cloud control crossbreed cloud compliance, security and in the uninterrupted cloud-based security plan. That includes identity control and single sign-on. Other services are; fully governed access to standardized IT solutions and tailor-made platforms and applications and automated firewall arrangement across public and private clouds.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Scalable offered here supports thousands of assignments under management that helps in API, cloud adapters, CLI, SDK, and workflow automation. Those tools provide cloud operating capabilities to software development tools and IT ecosystems and automatically find and import virtual tools. Configure and control storage to align assignments to their suitable storage resources. Above achieving all this at ServiceMesh, Pulier is renowned one of the most successful software developers in private and public enterprises.

The most popular venture capitalists in the world have funded companies founded by Pulier due to their confidence in him. These include influential media presentation like MediaPlatform, US Interactive, Desktone, and SOA Software. The computer wizard has earlier listed as one of the 30 VAR Business’ e-Visionaries. Pulier is also a celebrated public speaker at major technology forums across the world, and he is a member of the Bill Clinton Global Initiative and Director of the respected Enterprise Leadership Council.

Brian Bonar Reflects on the Inevitable Exploration of Exxon at the Artic

Brian Bonar knows all too well about exploring opportunities and helping clients boost profits, and protecting those dividends. “To remain in business, companies have to look at the big picture, and far too often outsiders looking in don’t understand the cost of keeping the business thriving and investors happy.” Consider Exxon and the latest on their battle to drill in Alaska where the reserves are plenty.

The oil and gas deposits in the Arctic are popular, and Shell has wanted to drill for years off the coast of Alaska. Now, finally the government has approved their request, despite fierce opposition from environmentalists. Royal Dutch Shell had tried for years to get approval while environmentalists reacted in horror. They fear irreversible damage to the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic.

Shell previously had a permit to drill in the Artic, but after several mishaps, drilling was interrupted. In 2012, the company lost an oil rig and the Coast Guard had to evacuate the 18 workers. Repairs were completed and now they have a new permit.

Shell wants to drill in pretty shallow water, in the Chukchi Sea, just over 70 miles away from the village of Wainwright, on the northwest coast of Alaska. According to estimates by the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) about 22 percent of undiscovered oil and gas reserves lie in that region.

Brian Bonar says, “mineral resources are highly competitive in the Arctic from the United States, Russia, Canada, Greenland and Norway.” It’s inevitable for someone to drill there, and of course environmentalist are worried. After that BP oil rig explosion, Deepwater Horizon, in the Gulf of Mexico caused the worst oil spill to date and eleven people were killed, it understandable that people remain cautious.

Greenpeace has been fighting for years that the Arctic remains free from drilling and criticized the approval. Now, Shell has permission to move forward and explore with any number of superficial holes, and now they can also penetrate deeper into the layers.

Is it a catastrophe? Well, Bonar points out that oil reserves don’t last forever, and companies must continue to be on the lookout.