White Shark Media Overhauls Its Customer Service To Set New Service Benchmarks

In the last few decades, major companies around the world have given a new meaning to customer service by customizing services tailored to meet the demands of individual customers. Just like their traditional counterparts, online companies are also setting new standards of service.

For instance, a prominent digital marketing agency, White Shark Media, has adapted new standards of customer service to reflect the feedback that it got from its customers in the last few years.

In a recent press release, the management claims that the new standards are part of an ongoing process to deliver quality services after reviewing complaints made by its customers. Acknowledging that every company has its share of drawbacks, Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Lolk, revealed how the company plans to take customer service to the next level.

According to Andrew, he got numerous complaints from new customers regarding their inability to understand the campaign management platform. Understandably, it takes sometime for new customers to get used to the platform, therefore, a dedicated SEM Strategist will help new clients understand and implement the initial projects. After the initial setup, both new and existing customers will get a chance to initiate a conference call with their SEM Strategist, every month.

These calls will be handled by GoTomeeting software. Moreover, each client gets a dedicated phone line enabling them to talk to the contact person and team supervisor anytime the client requires assistance.

According to Glassdoor, in an effort to boost its customer service, White Shark Media has also upgraded its campaign management platform. However, existing clients, who are satisfied with the old platform, are given an option to either remain on the existing platform or make a transition to the newest version. In fact, customers on the older platforms can make transition to new platform, anytime free of cost.

Other prominent value-added services includes restructuring the operational setup. The new setup includes decreasing burden on team members by allowing supervisors to oversee only 3 to 5 SEM Strategists.

Irrespective of the third-party vendor clients are using for their SEO projects, a dedicated SEO team will also offer free of cost SEO evaluation to existing clients. Using an in-house process, customers will also be able to install conversion tracking, call tracking and in some cases Google Analytics, free of cost. Read more: White Shark Media Profile and Client Reviews

Hopefully, recent improvements will help clients get additional value from White Shark Media, which is diligently trying to set new benchmarks for customer service in its industry.