C&C Alpha Groups Is Expanding It’s Philippines Campuses To Recruit More Students

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Traveling is up, and the amount of traveler’s could increase even more as the economy gets better and if Bhanu Choudhrie’s pilot training recruitment program succeeds. Though all countries are seeing a rise in tourism, Asia, in particular, has grown in popularity as a tourist destination. There is currently a worldwide shortage of trained and qualified pilots to fly local and commercial airlines. This shortage has caused smaller airlines close and others to develop relationships with flight schools to help recruit pilots.

Bhanu Choudhrie, the founder and executive director of C& C Alpha Group, has a different strategy. The owner of one of the largest flight schools has initiated programs to teach women about a career as a pilot and to recruit them from some of Asia’s universities. The aviation expert thinks that women could fill the shortage of pilots. The Philippines is a perfect place to recruit, as English is widely used in the country. The Alpha Aviation Group’s campus in Pampanga province is seeking to double the amount of its student intake, and Bhanu Choudhrie has opened new schools in the La Union and Zambales provinces.

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It’s estimated that Bhanu Chouhrie could invest up to twelve million dollars to expand the campuses in the Philippines in order to teach more pilots and meet the demand. More women training as pilots could not only fill in the shortage but also boost more travel if Bhanu Choudhrie attracts more than enough women to attend flight school and work as pilots. Fighting preconceived notions that only men should apply to flight school is something that Bhanu Choudhries intends to do as the need for more trained pilots increases.

Choudhrie hopes that women will seek to work as a pilot once it becomes known that they may find work in the area flying short-haul flights.

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