Chris Burch: The Relationship Between Technology and Fashion Industres

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital Company. He has been in productive investment and entrepreneurship for more than four decades. His contribution to the industry of fashion and technology has given birth to more than 50 companies in the United States. Chris is the former board member of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.


According to Chris Burch, there is no difference between the world of fashion and technology. As a matter of fact, the two worlds are related and cannot work without the other. As much as fashion exists, technology is there because of fashion. For many years, the two industries have grown seamlessly. However, there is only one remaining constant about the two industries. They grow together. For many years, technology has grown to become fashion. In the other hand, technology becomes fashionable as it grows. A fascinating part of the story is how the two industries have grown together. When we look at the present and past events, we will realize that the two industries have a history to relate. They never cease to grow together. For this reason, we will find out how they keep coming.


The 70s saw the rise of technology. During this era, the rise of the Boombox was the order of the day. As a matter of fact, this technology came with features that allowed you to walk around with your favorite stations and lines. This fashionable technology also allowed the users to record music while playing. They were featured with two decks that worked seamlessly. For this reason, we find out that technology grew in what was considered fashionable. The dawn of the 80s brought a new thing into the world of technology. They saw the development of the movies. As a matter of fact, television was one of the newest things in the world. Therefore, these videos were recorded on cassettes and played using the movie decks at home and cinema halls.


When we move closer to the 90s, we find the development of new technology associated with better maneuverability. The invention of the Walkman carried the decade. This was one of the best inventions ever since technology played a major role in music. As a matter of fact, it gained adoption on a massive scale. When ewe came to the late 90s, we saw the introduction of iPod. This action revolutionized the whole industry. These are some of the evidence that technology and fashion are ever together.

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