Class Dojo: creating connections for teachers, students, and parents

Class Dojo co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don have created yet another way to assist teachers, students, and parents. $21 million dollars have been raised in order to create an app in which parents can install on their phones and be able to monitor their child’s classroom progress, student activities, and assignments. Teachers will be able to post pictures, videos, students grades, classroom development and keep in contact with parents. Students will also be able to showcase their work on the app for their parents to see in their personal digital portfolio. This is a much more modern approach to the ‘parent/teacher conferences’. Class Dojo’s co-founders have been wanting to create ways for positive culture and community by including not only teachers and students but parents as well. This new Class Dojo app is going to make this possible.
Class Dojo creates a positive classroom culture by allowing students to share and receive positive feedback from teachers for any skill such as classroom participation, student determination, or inquisitiveness. Class Dojo is the country’s most popular classroom app with approximately 2 out of 3 classrooms using it. Class Dojo makes it simple for educators and parents to be in close contact and to share student information. Class Dojo is accessible from a mobile phone or a computer. Currently Class Dojo is free for everyone, however, there may be premium features available to schools that will cost money in the future. Teacher, student, and parent information and data is guarded by bank-grade security at software and network levels to guarantee security. And all information is permanently deleted when a student or parent stops using Class Dojo. If teachers, parents, students, or school leaders have questions Class Dojo provides quick answers through e-mail. Class Dojo believes that parents connected to the student’s school will allow for a much happier classroom experience for the students and teachers alike.