Cone Marshall Applauded For New Efficient System And Achievements

Unlike many law firms across New Zealand, Cone Marshall has come up with a unique approach that is supporting the resolution process to allow clients to access solutions to problems more easily. Cone Marshall has for more than one decade invested in streamlining their service delivery system so clients from different areas can access solutions to pressing challenges involving commercial litigation. They have specialized in tax and estate litigation for a long period and its is just recently that the firm started working on trust cases.


Through the years, Cone Marshall has gradually implemented its vision and plans to become a successful law firm both in the local market and in overseas locations. They have seen this dream actualize with an increase in the number of clients from overseas locations, who are confident Cone Marshall is the right choice to handle their problems. This confidence comes from the success the firm has recorded in past cases.


Re-designing the service delivery process is one of the best decisions Cone Marshall made because getting cases resolved now takes less time. Many clients come with emergency issues that should be resolved within few days, so having a seamless system that can deliver within few days or hours motivated more clients to order for their services.


Surprisingly, most of the clients who order from other jurisdictions are lawyers and professionals who want to find solutions to complex trust, estate and tax problems presented by their clients. This just shows how prepared and reliable Cone Marshall has become.


Most importantly, Cone Marshall has been utilizing modern technology in the management of orders presented by clients. They have an online access system where clients can upload their information and track the progress of the case from their remote locations.


More about the leaders

All the great achievements that have come along are due to the leadership the professionals behind the management of the firm have offered. Cone Marshall is steered by experienced lawyers like Karen Marshall, a commercial litigation expert who has been working at a leadership position at the firm since 2006.


Karen is a talented lawyer and she derives passion in working on complex tax and trust cases. She has worked as a lawyer for over 20 years and her presence at Cone Marshall is an invaluable addition. She partners with George Cone to draft vital strategies that can help the firm to perform better.

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