Considering a Career with IC Systems

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If you are a career professional in the asset recovery industry, one of the best career options you might consider is IC Systems. Obviously, there are a lot of fish in this particular sea, but IC Systems is kind of like the big old fish that keeps on swimming. Since 1938, they have set the standard for professionalism, ethics, and innovation.

Looking at the core values of any company is a good way to feel them out and get an understanding of what matters to them. In this case, we see that the first value IC has listed is “We treat people with dignity and respect”. For a prospective employee, this is a good sign. Speaking for myself, I am not willing to work for a company that does not treat people with a certain level of basic human dignity. You probably aren’t either.

Another good way to scout a potential employer is to look at employee reviews. has some reviews on this company, and they are mostly positive (Indeed). Most of the reviews say that they were treated very well, that work conditions were optimal, and that they liked the management. Perhaps the most revealing review went like this: “There is no typical day at work. Problem solving and people skills are the most important skills to have. Knowing that I have no idea what I am walking into each day is challenging yet exciting”

There is something to be said for the old standards. A company like IC Systems, which has been delivering quality service for about 80 years, makes a reliable employer because you can be fairly sure they aren’t going anywhere. With smaller companies, you have to deal with risk of losing your job if the company goes under. This particular company has lasted as long as they have by putting a serious focus on ethics and proper conduct. All over their website, you can see that this is the overarching theme by which IC Systems is run.

IC Systems offers flexible schedules for their employees, which is a huge plus for busy people. IC Systems also give guaranteed base wages and ways to earn extra pay by participating in an incentive programs. For the collections professional, this employer seems like a solid choice.