Corporate Resolutions Helps Vet Top Corporate Executives


Corporate executives are often seen as the public face of a company in today’s digital world. The line between what a C-suite executive does in his or her personal life and their representation of a company has been forever blurred. This means that companies are more anxious than ever to make sure that there is not something completely unforeseen in their executives’ pasts that could cause the wrong kind of media storm surrounding the company.

In addition to the concern over media and public perception of a potential C-suite hire, companies are also weary of allowing new hires to access confidential and trade secret information about the company. It could cause far-reaching damage if left in the hands of a competitor or simply leaked to the public. New C-suite hires must be trustworthy enough to receive all of the necessary confidential information they need to do their job effectively.

This is where Corporate Resolutions has found a way to save the day. The proprietary executive background check process developed by Corporate Resolutions was designed to give human resource departments and company shareholders the peace of mind they deserve when making a major decision about taking on a new executive hire. The best news about the executive background check process performed by Corporate Resolutions is that even though you can expect a thorough investigation, you will not be left hanging for months to receive the results.

The benefit of working with such an experienced company to go through this process is that its investigators are well-trained and quite experienced in making completing the background check as efficiently as possible. One of the risks that companies face in pursuing new executive talent is that prospective hires could have other job offers on the table that move through the process more quickly. Corporate Resolutions understands this dynamic and works as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of its executive background investigation process so that you do not lose out on stellar talent due to unnecessary delays in the hiring process.

One of the reasons why companies are turning to specialized background investigators when hiring C-suite executives is that there are many more factors that come into play in deciding whether a potential new executive hire is a good fit than a regular full-time employee. For example, a potential C-suite hire may have pre-existing conflicts of interest that would prevent that executive from fully performing their job. This could be because the potential C-suite hire has existing ownership of competing businesses or is listed as a shareholder in another company. A traditional background check would likely not uncover all of this essential information. However, Corporate Resolutions uses a more comprehensive process that culls through a potential C-suite hire’s investments and previous employment history to identify potential conflicts of interest. This allows a human resources department to decide for itself whether a potential new hire presents more of an obstacle than what the company is prepared to accommodate.

If the C-suite executive is working in a highly regulated industry, such as law, finance or accounting, it is even more essential that the company be aware of any potential legal issues before the executive is hired. Corporate Resolutions’ investigators go beyond traditional public records checks to see whether there is anything in the potential hire’s background that is cause for alarm. The investigator from Corporate Resolutions then gathers as much information as possible before turning the file over to your company’s human resource department to make the ultimate decision about whether the matter warrants concern or is something that can be worked around.

The most important thing to understand when deciding whether to use a third party company to perform a more extensive background check on a potential C-suite hire is trustworthiness. Corporate Resolutions trades on its proven track record of providing objective results to companies in a wide range of industries. Corporate Resolutions has proven that it can be trusted when a corporation’s name and reputation are on the line. In a crowded sea of choices for executive background checks, companies can enjoy peace of mind by choosing the trusted provider of executive background investigations when their bottom lines depend on an efficient, through job.

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