County Freeholder in Hot Water Over Comment

While the women’s march was supposed to bring attention to concerns about the new president and his approach to women in general, one New Jersey freeholder turned the attention in a new direction. County Freeholder John Carman is in hot water because his comment about the event really struck a sour note with the people in the march. The county freeholder in hot water over comment concerning those women in the march has now gotten nationwide attention.


Freeholder John Carman posted on his Facebook page the day of the women’s march asking is those ladies would be home in time to cook dinner. While this might have been an odd attempt at humor, considering what the focus of the march in Washington was for, it was not taken lightly. In fact, many in attention who came from New Jersey voiced their concerns that this is exactly the reason they were marching in the first place. These comments have no place in today’s society, especially from elected officials.


Although the march in Washington was to bring attention to the comments of Donald Trump on women, this New Jersey Freeholder only confirmed that comments like this are too easily being dismissed as male banter and not being seen for what they really are. Making an insensitive comment about women getting back home so they could make dinner is similar to how decades ago men who refer to women as being barefoot and pregnant back at home.


When reach for comment, Freeholder John Carman said that he did make the comment but it was taken completely out of context. Although looking back now he says the comment was in bad taste and a bad choice of words, he reiterates it was a joke and he was only trying to make sure that everyone was back home safe in time for dinner. His wife was also reached for comment, and she said that her husband is completely respectful towards women and that this is just his silly sense of humor, she was not offended and thinks others should not be either.


The reason the comment has gotten nationwide coverage is because it was posted as the march in Washington was taking place. One resident of New Jersey held up a box of macaroni and cheese at the press conference and told Carman to cook his own dinner.