Dabie Tsai Explains How Accounting Technology Is Evolving

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Dabie Tsai is a leading voice when it comes to discussing the history and future of the accounting and auditing sector. For more than two decades, Tsai took on various leadership roles with KPMG, one of the Big Four firms in the global accounting sector. This accounting and auditing expert recently gave her views on how the evolution of technology is having a positive impact on accountants and auditors at all levels. For some accountants and auditors, the oncoming tide of advanced technology may be a scary glimpse into the future, but Tsai believes that data analytics and artificial intelligence should be embraced as a tool for the future.

For those who are worried by the emergence of artificial intelligence, Tsai points to the fear that people originally felt toward the internet. For Dabie Tsai, the internet has become an indispensable tool for almost every individual and company as the world has become globalized.

Tsai does not only look back at the history of modern technology in accounting, but she also looks forward to understanding how the coming advances will assist herself and her peers. A lot has been written about the use of artificial intelligence as a problem for the future of the human race (Aboutme).

Tsai points to the use of data analytics in the accounting and auditing fields  as the evolution. The use of data analytics, cognitive technology and A.I. could lead to better business and better analysis.

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