Dick DeVos, Charter Schools and Educational Aims


Dick DeVos doesn’t have to spend too much time worrying about competition. That’s because there simply aren’t many individuals who are willing to put in the amount of work that he does. This businessman has never been intimidated by the concept of giving his all to things. He has a fearless wife who has never ever been intimidated by that concept, either. Betsy DeVos isn’t and hasn’t ever been someone who is even remotely lazy. That’s the reason she and her husband make such an ideal duo.


How has Dick DeVos impacted modern society? He’s impacted it in a multitude of ways. He achieved so much for the peaceful city of Grand Rapids in the nineties. His lobbying actions there got him far. He lobbied fiercely against the establishment of an enormous arena in the downtown Grand Rapids area. He thought that the construction of such a thing would be a danger zone for the city. What made him think that? He gave a lot of attention to the condition of Detroit, Michigan in the seventies. He realized that the city experienced a lot of destruction as the result of a handful of seriously ambitious construction efforts. He wanted to safeguard his beloved Grand Rapids from all sorts of irreversible consequences. He cares about its residents that much.


DeVos did a lot all throughout the nineties. He was more than a lobbyist in the Midwest. He was also a major company head. This gig started in the beginning of the nineties. He took on the position of Chief Executive Officer for the highly praised Amway Corporation. This huge marketing entity is a staple in the United States. It’s been an All-American tradition since DeVos’ family members set it up a long while back. Aiding the Amway Corporation and all of its efforts is something that’s completely effortless for DeVos.


Charity is one of DeVos’ major focal points in this life. It’s among his wife’s major focal points, too. They’re the two philanthropists who are behind a non-profit entity that’s named the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They named it that in 1989, the exact year it came into existence. This organization sets aside a lot of energy for all sorts of subjects that involve American households. It’s one that believes in the power of family commitment.


Dick DeVos is redolent of his dear Betsy in that he cares deeply about educational topics. He likes to combine all of his favorite things in this world, too. That may be the reason he’s at the helm of the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids. This is an airport charter school that educates pupils who are keen on the aviation industry.


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