Don Ressler; Scaling The Heights Of Fashion E-Commerce

Two businessmen in the fashion industry have re-invented how people shop for tailored apparels. The two men are Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. For eons, Amazon has been enjoying absolute domination in fashion e-commerce. Opportunities continue to birth themselves in this business realm. Adam and Don Ressler have worked in their company, the Techstyle Fashion Group to ensure that it conforms to the best marketing, marketing, and customer service practices. Techstyle Fashion Group which is the new name for the parent company under which several fashion entities operate is taking fashion e-commerce by storm. The businesses that are under Techstyle include Fabletics, Shoedazzle, FL2, and JustFab. All these enterprises are niche-specific, and they rely on data to drive their manufacturing and marketing strategies. Fabletics stands out among these firms because it has succeeded in establishing itself as an all-inclusive brand. With Fabletics, women don’t have to worry about their size vis-à-vis what is available on the online store.

Having carved created a space for itself in fashion e-commerce, Techstyle Fashion Group is making huge strides on its digital platforms as far as sales and subscriptions are concerned. The conglomerate is making millions through monthly subscription fees and garment sales. The American consumer market has warmed up to Fabletics and other fashion entities under Techstyle because the companies can match their marketing with the quality of their products. With more and more people preferring to experience their shopping online, Techstyle is now working round the clock to satisfy the demand for the fashion solutions it offers.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg can attribute their success in the corporate world to the ability to develop solutions that resonate with most consumers. Theirs was an urge to develop active-wear apparels that are bespoke and can be worn both in the gym and the workplace. So far, the two entrepreneurs have met this objective because more women are beginning to choose active-wear over formal wear.

Don and Adam are also keen on ensuring that they stand out from other fashion businesses such as Amazon by employing a sales and marketing strategy called reverse showrooming. Knowing that image is very important, the two business leader works closely with celebrities and personalities such as actress Kate Hudson and supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons. With Hollywood sensation Kate Hudson being associated with Fabletics, the brand has won the hearts of many women who log into the company’s website and mobile application to shop for the latest active-wear apparels.

By the end of 2016, pundits estimated that the revenues of Techstyle Fashion Group would hit a new high of $650 million. Such analytics show that the business model of the conglomerate is robust.