Don Ressler: The JustFab’s Fashion Guru


A style is a personal statement that arises from a combination of unique fashion and the attitude the wearer carries around. At JustFab, their main purpose is to enhance uniqueness in fashion to all people; regardless of their size, age or body type. The JustFab online retailer shop was co-founded by Don Ressler in September 2011. JustFab is an online subscription shop that offers the individuals with a vast variety of shoes, handbags, Jewellery, and Denim. Also, it offers runway fashion attires that all contestants can easily purchase. JustFab aims at bringing in a style that is fabulous in its own way. It helps in dressing up different people regardless of their age hence becoming an all-inclusive brand.


Fabletics was co-founded by Don Ressler and Hudson in 2013.Fabletics offer a wide range of fashionable and affordable workout outfits for both men and women. Like JustFab, it is an online subscription based shop. It offers its members with highly personalized equipment that suit individual preferences and lifestyles. Fabletics style is unique and each month, it features on trending fashion that brings out new outfits in the athletics, evening wear, yoga wear, and swimwear. The sporting outfits are fabulous, in that, they are comfortable to wear and flatter the figure of the wearer. Fabletics is an all-inclusive brand that offers the best wear for both genders.



JustFab and its sub-branch Fabletics are all inclusive things for fashion shops. Ressler in his response to the claim asserted that their main aim is to make everyone feel that the clothes are for everyone regardless of their shapes. The subscription-based method of service provision enables individual customers to fill a questionnaire on the personalized sense of style. Ressler approach of all inclusive in fashion enables the company to reach a wide audience.



JustFab Company now referred to as Tech Style Fashion Group has received funding from various groups. During its inception in 2011, it received $ 33 million funding from the Matrix Partners. In 2012, it received an additional $ 76 million from Matrix Partners, Rho ventures, Technology, Cross Over Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty. In 2013, Ressler added $ 40 million to increase the global reach of the JustFab Company. In August 2014, an additional funding of $ 85 million from various investors brought the capital of Tech Style Group to $ 250 million.