Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics Advance Cancer Treatment and Research

Dr. Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D graduated from George Washington University and the University of Maryland. He has a degree in genetics and has spent nearly 20 years studying the science behind cancer and developing therapeutic drugs to treat various forms of the disease. He currently hold nine patents and has authored numerous scientific articles. He is a board member for three scientific journals and was a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute for several years. His work has earned him numerous awards and accolades including the Pierce Award in 1995.

Dr. Siegall is currently the President, Chief Executive Officer and a board member for Seattle Genetics. He co-founded the company in 1997 to research and develop cancer treatment. The biotechnology company collaborates with numerous other research companies and has made great strides in producing effective treatment. Siegall‘s company specializes in finding antibody-based therapies and is the developer of many of the leading drugs in this field. The goal of the company has been to find solutions that will target and kill cancer cells without causing harm to other cells within the body. They are seeking to fill the gap where treatment has not been available and to offer patients treatments that have less devastating side effects than common cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

Seattle Genetics has continued to expand and thrive under the leadership of Dr. Siegall. The drugs they have produced are currently available in 50 countries around the world. The company employs over 600 people and is expected to grow more as their collaborative efforts increase and the effectiveness of their products becomes more obvious.

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