Dr. Mark MacKenna’s Success as an entrepreneur

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The histories of successful people are always full of tears and laughter at different points in life. One thing defines them all, they are never quitters in pursuit of their dreams. It is also true to say that they didn’t climb the ladder of success overnight; they all began somewhere. It is not different from Dr. Mark McKenna’s life, a medical doctor, and entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Georgia.

McKenna’s Start as a Medical Practitioner

The Dr. Mark McKenna’s drive to become a medical doctor was instilled by his father who was also a doctor and had an established practice. He also had this notion that the medical profession was both exciting and well paying.

After graduating from Tulane University, he joined his father to work full time in his firm. It was not long before he realized that he was restless since the medical field did not meet his expectations. Not only was the job under-paying, but also was it monotonous, experiencing the same scenes over and over again.

How Dr. Mark McKenna became an Entrepreneur

While he was still in the university, Dr. Mark McKenna realized that, as a doctor, he was unable to pay off bills as quickly as he thought. It pushed him to look for alternative source of solutions for his financial problems. As a result, McKenna Venture Investments was born. It was a company with its businesses in the field of real estate development in New Orleans.

With time, the company grew much until he had to quit the medical profession to manage. The biggest setback that the company experienced was the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005 that destroyed a lot of the company’s property. Due to the enormous loss suffered, he was forced to practice medicine again.

As an entrepreneur, he established a now thriving network of clinics known as ShapeMed. His latest development is the OVME project, a diverse medical treatment, and aesthetics program. Its uniqueness is that it has taken advantage of the technology development where clients can place their orders through the OVME app. The app also allows clients to get the best doctors in the country.