E-governe Helps Government Manage Fleets of Vehicles

E-governe is Brazil and Latin America’s number-one e-governance solution. With decades of experience, e-governe has been building high-tech solutions to government’s most vexing problems since the early 1980s. Today, e-governe has evolved into one of the most robust e-governance solution in the world, able to handle nearly every aspect of good governance with extensive process automation.



Government is always on the move


One of the least remarked on areas where Latin American government has gigantic potential for increased efficiency is in its use of larges fleets of vehicles and aircraft. All too often, Latin American governments have approached fleet management from a haphazard, lackadaisical approach. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that flying large fleets of aircraft by the seat of one’s pants is not a recipe for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


One of the key areas in which underdeveloped countries are visibly trailing their more developed counterparts is in the area of logistics management. In times past, the mind-bogglingly sophistication of, for example, the logistics protocols of the United States Military Industrial Complex were things that could only be achieved by a country with huge amounts of capital, brainpower and expertise. Countries with less educated populations, far less capital and no real experience in managing large-scale logistics had no chance of successfully emulating the efficiency and effectiveness of developed nations.


But that has been turned on its head by e-governe. Through adopting scientifically valid solutions to logistics, through the use of optimization, data mining and knowledge of experts from across the globe, e-governe puts the same level of sophisticated logistics management that was once only accessible to generals of the largest militaries into the hands of municipal bureaucrats. The cost savings this can create are simply enormous.


Logistics is a now a proven field. The management of large fleets of vehicles has scientific solutions that have been worked out by some of the greatest minds in the world and have been proven effective in the field. By implementing these solutions at the municipal level, e-governe takes all of the guesswork out of fleet management, allowing for fully optimized protocols to be adopted by every government, large or small, throughout the country of Brazil.


Things that may otherwise be easily overlooked, such as optimizing dispatch patterns, are easily capable of saving millions of dollars each year in fuel costs, even for relatively small municipalities. Creating accurate maintenance records can dramatically reduce depreciation on vehicles, as preventive maintenance is the single most effective method of reducing the long-term costs of vehicle ownership. With e-governe, vehicles can be kept on a strict and optimized maintenance schedule, minimizing the likelihood of catastrophic equipment failures.


Taken together, all of these improvements in efficiency can add up to serious money. Going from an ad-hoc fleet management system to a scientifically optimized one, through the use of e-governe, can add tremendous value to the government services that taxpayers can expect.


And this is the real value of e-governance and good governance in general, giving the taxpayers the most for their hard-earned money. https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-e-governe/avaliacoes