Entrepreneurs In The Real Estate Industry

Omar Boraie is an Egyptian immigrant who moved to New Brunswick 40 years ago with the objective of attaining his Ph.D. in Chemistry. However, while in New Brunswick, he was inspired to get into the real estate sector. He did not hesitate and quickly got into the business.

In 1975, when New Brunswick was not doing too well as an urban city, Johnson & Johnson committed themselves to staying in the city. Omar Boraie then decided to take the opportunity and began to purchase plots and neglected structures along Albany Street. By 1988, Omar opened Albany Street Plaza Tower One offering first class offices to the residents. In 2007, he put up Albany Street Plaza Tower Two and quickly, the One Spring Street condominium followed.

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The One Spring Street condominium had the capacity of 120 apartments of different sizes on about.me. These apartments were; one, two or three bedrooms. Each of them had floor-to-ceiling windows as well as full balconies. Most of the apartments are two-bedroom units and had a variety of designs with a price range between $400,000 to almost $500,000. From this moment to the current state, Boraie Development has dedicated itself to taking up underutilized plots and buildings and turning them into good properties that provide adequate housing and office space.

Mr. Omar’s son quickly took after his father. As the vice-president of Boraie Development on NYTimes, he was innovative and came up with new ways to turn demolition site to areas that were decent. There was an incident of when the area around Richard Stockon College looked like a dump after it had been bought from the former Showboat Atlantic City. However, Wasseem Boraie was determined and convinced that he needed limited time to put the condos back on the market. Additionally, he would renovate the students’ hostel to suit a capacity of up to 400 students. And , sure enough, he did it.

Besides being a Genomic scientist, Mr. Omar Boraie was a prominent entrepreneur who was sure of what he wanted. He had the mind that could change anything useless and unworthy to something incredibly amazing. Additionally, one of his sons, Wasseem Boraie took after him and was able to bring his innovation to suit his father’s creativity. His charismatic personality gave him the ability to bring people to his side for support.

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