Equities First Holdings – Offering Alternative Financing Solutions to Individuals and Businesses

Equities First Holdings is one of the well-known companies in the world of alternative finance and has footprint globally with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. The company understands the finance needs of the small to medium sized business that are aspirational and wish to grow at a consistent rate. Availability of liquidity in the business is essential to ensure that various business activities and expansion measures can be implemented without any hassles, and it is where the non-purpose loans offered by Equities First Holdings come into the picture.

Equities First Holdings offers loans against the stocks that are traded in various global markets. It offers the small to medium sized businesses to keep their investments while getting the cash they need for the business. The company also offers non-purpose loans to the high net worth individuals. Equities First Holdings has offices in three major cities of Australia, namely in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. However, the company recently shifted its Melbourne office to a much better and central district of the city, which would make the office more accessible. The company hopes that moving to a bigger and better office would be of great help for the employees as well as the customers, and would also help in running efficiently and adding revenue to the company. Click here to know more.

Getting conventional loans can be hectic as the process is long and tiring, and there is endless paperwork needed. However, Equities First Holdings offers loans with flexible terms and easy processing. It makes it easier for the individuals as well as the businesses to get the loan they need with ease much quickly. Alternative financing solutions have become a reliable tool for the businesses these days as it helps with fuelling the business with liquidity as and when they need it without hassles.