Eric Lefkofsky; One Man, Many Businesses

Business Leader CEO Entrepreneur Healthcare Expert

Eric Lefkofsky is a well reputed and highly successful businessman. He has directly founded or co-founded a number of different companies which are currently operational in multiple different business markets. One of his most well-known ventures is by the name of Tempus. He is also the current CEO of Tempus. It is a company which is working to come up with better, more efficient and effective solutions to multiple different medical related issues. This can be made possible by the use of technology and other similar aspects. Technology can bring about multiple different innovations in the medical field. There is also a dire need for it as it can enhance the productivity of multiple medical processes. The process of innovation is of a high level of importance in multiple different fields. The medical field is one of them and without constant innovation, the old methods may become obsolete. This was realized by Eric Lefkofsky and he came up with the idea of Tempus. Apart from this venture, he has also co-founded multiple different companies and businesses which are currently listed on the platform of NASDAQ. These companies include Groupon, Echo Global Logistics and Inner Workings. He is also the chairman of these companies. He also takes an avid interest in multiple different ventures related to CSR which are directed at giving back to the society. He makes sure to give back to society. He does this by indulging in multiple different business activities such as being a major donor of a children’s hospital in Chicago, supporting multiple theaters and museums to preserve and promote art. Eric Lefkofsky believes that it is important to give back to society. He is also busy in changing lives each day via his businesses. Especially by Tempus, he has provided multiple different medical innovations which have the capability of saving lives; especially cancer patients. He can provide multiple different medical solutions based on technology which can help make processes more efficient as well as effective. Apart from this, it can also work to reduce costs of multiple medical processes which can prove to be highly beneficial to the masses as well.

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